Metaphase on the playa.

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Metaphase on the playa.

Postby Metaphase » 4 years ago

Yes indeed, returning home for the 4th year and can't wait to see everyones beautiful dusty face. I'd love to bless your sound camp with bass.

I produce music, and you may like it. I'll be chalk fulla tunes on the playa, and have percussion with me as well :D


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Re: Metaphase on the playa.

Postby lemur » 4 years ago

that kind of music isnt that great...

plus, theres already all kinds of musicians and burning man is all booked up...
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Re: Metaphase on the playa.

Postby Lonesomebri » 4 years ago

No, I insist on blessing you, as soon as I get some D batteries for my boom box.

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