Project: Blue Sky

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Project: Blue Sky

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IDEATE, in partnership with ReAllocate, is assembling a group of world changers devoted to exploring how we can create a socially conscious world. The camp will be hosting salons, facilitating discussions, developing prototypes, and exploring the use of various technologies. This interactive installation art piece at Burning Man 2012 will capture 3D images of participants, print 3D pendants of participants, then deliver them using multi-copter UAVs. The multi-copters will also capture aerial footage of artwork and art cars that will be projected in a dome for a flying imax experience.

Participant Experience: Smiles and JJ enter the Air Express Lab shipping container. Using 3D capture software we capture a 3D model of the couple. Smiles is given a GPS transponder and told that when it starts glowing, buzzing and vibrating to go outside and look up in the air.

After they leave, the 3D scan is 3D printed and loaded into a capsule on the multi-copter. The multi-copter navigates to the GPS location being transmitted by the transponder. When the multi-copter arrives at the location, it gently lowers the padded capsule. Smiles and JJ unwrap a 3D medallion of themselves.

Smiles and JJ’s responsibility is to return the transponder the next day and tell their story for our documentary of the project.

ReAllocate’s Air Express Lab will be within camp IDEATE (6:30 and Ring Road)

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