Beyond the Black Rainbow Screening

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Beyond the Black Rainbow Screening

Postby lobie » Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:51 pm

Hey everyone - dusty enough yet!?

I'm wondering if anyone who will have a projector and DVD player (and preferably a solid soundsystem) on the playa would be interested in screening the movie Beyond the Black Rainbow. My cousin is the producer and hooked me up with a copy, and, straight up, this is one of my favorite films of all time, instantly. It's just pure imagery, intensity (good god is the BASS amazing in this film!!!) - one reviewer said it seemed to be told from the point of view of someone on acid who was so focused on the minute details that the full picture was note ever quite apparent, and I think it's an apt description. If you're a fan on 2001, Tron, Jodoworsky, Daron Aaronofski... y'know, psychedelic film, you'd love it.... oh gee, but I really shouldn't talk it up that much, should I?

Whatever, just check out the trailer:

So yeah, hit me up if you or anyone you know would want to screen this thing out there! Shoopdawhoop!

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