Sick of dubstep/electro? House/Psy DJs looking for sets

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Sick of dubstep/electro? House/Psy DJs looking for sets

Postby tehwallace » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:39 pm

Hey everyone,

I've been lurking here a while and I feel like a bit of a shit for making this my first post but I'm looking for some more DJ slots. I know its a tough crowd on here and I've been seeing a lot of people looking for slots get ripped to shreds. The difference between me and most of them is...I don't play dubstep/electro/trap/moombaton/bass/glitchnoisecorefunktech.

I'm Wally and I'm a NYC burner that rolls with the Philly crew: PEX. This will be my second trip to the playa and my third burn overall. Normally, I run PEX's pyro but since we're doing a core project this year we didn't have the room/funds to ship it out. So I'm looking for some other avenues to perform. I've been DJing for about 4 years and have been playing regularly at PEX events and stages on the east coast and I want to play your stage/art car/speakers chained to a hippie in deep playa.

I play a mix of house, tech house, and techno generally with a latin/tribal/gypsy vibe. My tech requirements are super simple (a functioning 2 channel mixer) and I don't no show. I also play tag team sets with Big Jawn of PEX (his style is more psytrance oriented) and if you have a functioning 4 channel mixer we would love to play for you. Jawn has been playing in philly for many years and recently has opened for Infected Mushroom.

This is a link to our set at PEX's Heartburn party earlier this year.
This is an old studio mix I recorded after coming back from the burn last year. (This isn't very representitive of my current style / abilites unfortunately.)

I know its a long shot since lineups are filling up pretty quickly at this point but I appreciate you taking a look.

...commence the snarky replies!

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