Embarrassing question

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Embarrassing question

Post by Kickstand » Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:28 am

OK, so I realize this is one of those annoying questions or bad missed-connection ads, akin to "I know this guy who goes to Burning Man. He wears goggles and a hat and funky clothes with lights on. Did you see him?" But I have to throw it out there.

Just after the man burn I stumbled across an art car whose DJ rocked my world. Soooo good as to defy explanation. Laid down beats and tracks like a god-damned maestro. After dancing to near exhaustion, I circled the car looking for some identifying name but there wasn't much to go on. Went to the cab to see if I could ask the two folks I saw in there, but didn't feel the need to interrupt the guy feeling up the gal on the front seat. DJ was in the zone and I wasn't about to interrupt that either.

So here it is. It was just after the man burn. Nondescript DJ car with a sign on the front of the DJ booth- one of those black circular cartoon bombs with a wick. Written across the bomb was BURN, I think. The back had what looked like a four petal neon flower. That was about it for identifying marks. It was a car or two in front of the Candy Mt unicorn. I really would like to find out who this dude was, if only to thank him for providing one of the most fantastic sets of music ever, and an hour or so of pure joy for one happy little grateful burner. Any info would be appreciated. Help me, Obe-Wan ePlaya, you're my only hope.

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Re: Embarrassing question

Post by theCryptofishist » Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:36 pm

Check with the DMV. At one point they were talking about a searchable database with photos for us to access. I don't know if that ever got done.
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