Theme camp seeks drummers & dancers - exp or not!

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Theme camp seeks drummers & dancers - exp or not!

Postby zifra » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:19 pm

The sound of the drums is primal, and touches us all deeply. We come together to share the passion and to spread it to others.

We will be:

The House of Joyous Thunder!
BRC 2012
Dedicated to the pulse that drives us all.

The House of Joyous Thunder welcomes all campers who wish to join. Our directive is to build a community of drummers and dancers, both master and novice, to spread the fire the drums bring to the souls of all. If your a master drummer or dancer, or even know what your doing...we need you to lead and teach. If your a novice we need you as well, come learn from us and help us all to expand our reach.

This will be my 5th theme camp. Each time I have called to the eplaya gods to direct good and happy souls to us to create a community. We have had campers from all over the world, and from ages 18-70. I cannot wait to see who makes up our community this time!

The idea is to have a large shade space as an open drumming area, staffed 24 hours a day so that drums can be left out for anyone to use. We will hold drumming and dancing classes, large planned drum sessions, and a few other classes just to bring people in. Camp mates should be supportive and welcoming to all who come in, and to encourage them to participate in their own way.

I have a 20' x 20' shade structure already, we will need rugs and pillows to complete the space. The camp will build around it. Campers are welcome to use tents, RV's, or any other structure as a living space. Be aware there will be generators in the camp area.

We can have different levels of participation depending on who wants what services, from a small fee to support the shade structure and camp set up, to a higher fee to have access to porta potties, to even the set up of a shared meal plan, depending on what campers seek. The camp is in it's starting stages, so nothing is totally set yet.

We are based out of San Jose, and local campers to help us get the infrastructure to the playa are more than welcome!

We await your message!


We are:

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