Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Discuss and share theme camp plans, find a camp to join, or recruit new campmates here.
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Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by trilobyte » Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:21 pm

Camps, we know many of you need people. Not just people to join the party, but people who want to work and help you make the magic happen. Tell us about the kind of help and skill set you're looking for. Please don't ask for financial assistance or tickets here, this thread is all about connecting humans.

Here's how it will work. This is a working thread - only post in here if you're the organizer or designated representative of your camp. If multiple people are posting, it's going to get confusing and your camp may not be able to get the help it needs. Off-topic posts may be removed by one of the moderators. If you need Use the following format:
  • Camp Name (and camp web site).
  • What city you're based in.
  • Description of your camp and 2012 plans - big picture stuff for now, you can get into the details (including dues) with people individually.
  • What you need. Be specific. Welders, carpenters, painters, truck drivers, camp cooks, lighting/sound people, etc.
If you need to make a change to your post (something else is needed, positions get filled, etc), please contact one of the moderators with your request (to save time, include a link to your original post).

For everybody else.... Burning Man is all about participation, and you want to help - that's awesome! If you see a camp that's within your range that's looking for a skill you've got and you'd like to help... do not reply to this thread. Click the 'PM' button to the right of their listing, and send them a private message. Tell them who you are, where you are, and what you can help with.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by scotto » Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:58 am

PolyParadise - 14yr Theme Camp within BRC

Based in Phoenix, AZ

PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from '2:00 - 10:00' for the past 13 years.
We are a group of Polyamorists seeking to live our dreams, and this camp is one manifestation of that. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners.

Join us in a variety of events - Come in from the sun....take a load off your feet...

Registration will open March 1, 2012

What we need: CAMPERS!!

Contact Scotto for more information:
Burning Man is a Participatory Sport! Lead by Example!

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants~Tsunami Bass Experience

Post by shizaru.zoe » Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:25 pm

Tsunami Bass Experience
Based in NYC, but open to campmates from other locals both domestic and international.

"Tsunami Bass Experience changed my perception of music!" - was one our favorite quotes from feedback on our debut in 2011. "The little sound camp that could" was another oft heard line and such wonderful feedback made the ever daunting challenge of bringing the BRC CAMPus of the TBE's Multiversity of Bass Culture Appreciation at 10 o'clock and Graduation all the more worthwhile. And we are ready, willing and oh so able to do it again in 2012... but to further improve and expand we need collaborative help so we are now holding an OPEN CALL for serious PARTICIPATION~!

Camp Tsunami Bass Experience is returning home to the 10 o'clock sound arm and is looking to expand on our founding year success. As such we are looking for a few good burners to join our crew/camp! Our goals for 2012 include:

Return of the ~WaVe~ - Our interactive installation in the shape of a 30ft. Tsunami wave featuring low frequency transducing dance platforms that enable participants to feel the bass for a combined audio, visual & kinestetic experience.

Tsunami Bass Sound System - reconfigured and upgraded for the best audio experience in frontage. Additionally, special communal build project planned for implementation.

Banging Bass Culture Producer/DJ lineup - As per 2011, we will once again be showcasing the finest Bass Culture talent on playa commanding the ~WaVe~!!

Expanded Lounge & Bar - a new and improved interior lounge for bass culture appreciandos to converge and be fertile~!!

Interactive Cymatics Installation - Techie oriented interactive dispay to further shape your perceptions!!

Ideally we are planning to cap our camp this year at 30 and expand our size to 100 x 300 ft to accommodate the anticipated size increase. We especially are looking for leads to handle different departments including camp infrastructure (bar, kitchen, shower, etc), LNT, builders, carpenters, lighting video and audio specialists, sound engineers, technicians, etc., but any experienced burners (or committed, proactive virgins!) who are ready, willing and able to participate in changing people’s perceptions of interactive bass culture music are welcome to apply.

If you have tix and are are seriously looking for a theme camp to join, TBE could be for you. Ideally you know and love Bass Culture music, are willing to participate/pitch in on multiple levels and provide support in achieving the ever-essential fundraising goals. Again, experienced burners or proactive virgins, carpenters, DJs, producers, audiophiles, builders, bass lovers or anyone willing to work for the common goal of manifesting an amazing quality sound system and interactive ~WaVe~ installation (that transduces low-end frequency!!) on playa along the 10 o’clock sound spoke are encouraged to apply.

Contact [email protected] (Subject: Camp TBE>) to start the process. Tell us about yourself and how and what you propose to do to support TBE on/off playa! While we are currently based in NYC, location is not a concern. We are open to campmates from other locals both domestic and international.

For more information on what we are about, check out our CAMP page at and our Facebook page ( album of pictures from 2011:Rite of Passage!

Cheers & long live proper Bass Culture!!
[email protected]
Bass Culture Appreciation〜津波低音経験〜

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Dr. Pyro » Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:29 pm

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro/Barbie Death Village is not currently actively recruiting new members. We have already managed to get the best the playa can provide. However, if you think you have what it takes, and can add a certain joie de vivre to our little slice of paradise on the playa, PM me; Felony Arson and I will consider what you offer. Many are called, few are chosen.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by durgy » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:50 pm

Black Rock Beacon newspaper. You can check out archives at We are pretty much all over the world, but our principal players are in Seattle, New York and Bahrain. You can email me or our general mailbox at questions(at)blackrockbeacon(dot)org
We will be producing (at least) 5 newspapers for the 2012 event. We will need writers, editors, photographers, layout folks, design folks, people to run the dupers, delivery people, City Desk staff and help with infrastructure, operations and transpo. We are LNT savvy, being green since our inception 7 burns ago. We tend to eat a lot of bacon per capita.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by zifra » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Camp Name: 100'th Monkey Camp

What city you're based in: San Jose, CA, but you do not need to be local to us.

Description of your camp and 2012 plans: We will be collecting thoughts and information to feed the universal conciousness. We will provide a place to write, draw, speak, dance, chant and or pray to present thoughts to the UC. In addition each camper will give back by hosting a class or event sometime during the week that is meaningful to them. Help in choosing your thing is available,

What you need. Be specific. We want campers who are drama free, able to communicate and who honestly want to participate in giving back in this way.

For more information please read my description previously posted under Theme Camps.

See you at home!!


Cannot wait top get home!

"Feel it, Live it, Share it!"

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Camp DIY Seeking Others

Post by Brenda » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:40 pm

Camp DIY
Based in San Diego but open to members from anywhere!

Kevin and Brenda are gathering a group of people together who enjoy coming up with creative ways to do things to join our camp, Camp DIY. If you are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer you might enjoy creating a camp with us. We have a few people already who have expressed interest but we'd like to extend the invite to others too. We think we'd enjoy hanging out with other DIYers, no matter what your range of DIY interests are, whether it's building you own swamp coolers, soda fountains or rocketships; making your own bread, granola or beef jerky; canning, freezing, drying or smoking your food, growing tomatoes, potatoes or pot, working leather, carving or quilting. We don't plan on having camp dues and we won't be taking on any collective mega projects. We want to create an easy going atmosphere where, if we have nothing else to talk about, we can always fill up our time sharing how we achieved some project or other. We would set up a workshop or two according to the group's wishes and interests. I would suggest that the principles of our camp be based on the 10 BM principles:
RADICAL INCLUSION: I’d suggest we embrace this principle for the larger community while being aware that not everyone would be a great match for our camp. For instance, Kevin and I would prefer people who enjoy being occasionally sober.
GIFTING: I think gifting is a fascinating concept and great to explore and discuss. I believe that it is the giver that enjoys the gift most.
DECOMMODIFICATION: I imagine many DIYers enjoy this one. I love figuring out ways to make it myself instead of paying more than it is worth at the store. I make my own deodorant and it works and smells better for longer and costs much less than store bought.
RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE: I bet this is what makes burning man fun for many a DIYer. It is a fun challenge to go to the playa and try to be comfortable.
RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION: I like this one, and I like that BM also points out that self-expression is seen as a unique gift to others and, therefore, needs to respect the rights and liberties of the recipient
COMMUNAL EFFORT: It is great when people join in a common goal but it can not be forced or demanded.
CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY: Public welfare is important to us as is adherence to laws devised to protect it.
LEAVE NO TRACE: If you join our camp, this will be your most important responsibility and you are promising to not only pick up and take with you everything you brought in, but doing more than “your fair share” to protect and restore the playa.
PARTICIPATION: Welcomed but not demanded of someone nor forced on anyone.
IMMEDIACY: Also think of this as a willingness to accept and embrace what is happening now instead of insisting on what was expected or planned on.
Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by The Rat Lady » Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:26 pm

Black Rock City Department of Mobility
Based in Oakland
A wheelchair accessible camp dedicated to gifting mobility services and equipment so that as many burners as possible can have a more fullfilling Burn
This year we are throwing down the guantlet and moving forward with our plans for a "Short Bus Line" route through the city (See website for up dates) Only those with positive attitudes need apply!

Need Art cars that are wheelchair friendly (we do have one schoolbus wheelchair lift available to gift to a participating Art Car.) Art Cars, Please note that being wheelchair accessible should be noted on your DMV registration form.

Need Gasoline powered Golf carts. multipassinger preferred

We know someone out there has a rolling kitchen...we need one!

Looking for Camp volunteers with infrastructure!
The disabled among us tend to make the most dedicated volunteers, so spread the word to your mobility challenged friends.

Manual wheelchairs..please contact us, prior to the Burn, but donate on playa if possible, we already have an incrdible amount of crap to bring out this year!

Camp Artists to help us provide an artful environment.
"Outside of a dog, books are man's best friends. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read!"
Groucho Marx

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by QuickDrawAnnie » Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:06 pm

The Black Rock Brewery is looking for home brewers willing to bring a case of 24 bottles of beer or mead to share. You can camp with us or just drink with us. We're part of the Black Rock French Quarter in the 7:30 portal. We also need people willing to build plywood bars and bring them.

Your location can be anywhere. The home brewers that camp with us come from all over the country. We get people from D.C. to Seattle, from Chicago to Albuquerque. The common thread is that we are all home brewers (or just enjoy good home brew).

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by mamagrrrl » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:30 pm

IRON ROSE is open to new campers. We are a six-year camp at Burning Man.
Hailing from NorCal, Bay Area and Further Parts (Florida/Nebraska/Michigan...)

We are **adamant** that all Roses are excellent fits with each other. An eclectic group of older (mid 30's to mid 50's with a few young 20's) burners we are PERSONAL DRAMA FREE. We are mostly Volunteers with some Citizens mixed in for spice. We are Women Who Weld and use power-tools. We are men who love women who use powertools. Iron Rose stays smaller than big mega-lithic tent-city-camps. There are NO SPARKLEPONIES in Iron Rose, although we have Fabulously Attired People Who Do Things. We'll want to get to know YOU and expect you'll want to know who the heck we are, too, as people.

Nightly Burn Barrels, many-many workshops and events are held in our Big Red Pill including a Bluegrass Jam, a Motown Funk night, Bedouin Oil Baths, Eyebrow Dance Parties, Coffee...etc. We are not shiny in the morning, btw. You will *not* be tightly scheduled and have lots of free time to wander the playa on your own.
Iron Rose also runs Suuuuuieeeeeeeee!, a Big Pink Pig artcar that you *will* get rides on (if it's running and licensed by the DMV.)

VIRGINS WILL BE EXPECTED TO come up with and HOST A WORKSHOP at least once. Make it serious or silly. You will also help the artcar owner set and prep Sue for outings at least once during the week. (srsly, it's easy. Gas her up, clean her out, put the pillows back and let's GO Deep Playa!!) If you live in or near NorCal, you'll be expected to come up to the Ranch and help cut a new burn barrel for the playa. Don't worry. It's easier than it sounds.

We would like: Mechanics (especially in Northern California). Mechanical or structural engineers. People with coffee-connections. Sensible folks. People with cordless drills and 5/8's nut drivers. People with a sense of humor. People who own and know how to put on leather gloves to work-but-not-all-of-the-time. People Who Do Things. People with some common sense. People who play bluegrass. People who have read the damn survival guide, twice. People who know how to make espresso. People who can lift things. People with Brains. People who know how to rip apart the engine of a Chevy P200 (slant six) and put it back together without extra parts. People who like Badgers.

Contact me OFFLIST at 1mountaingrrl (at) gmail (dot) com.

Remember, a week or two in the desert strains even the BEST relationships. We want to know you're going to make it, or at least be fun when the duststorm hits.

Are you an Iron Rose?

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Diablolita » Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:25 pm

Pee Funnel Camp

Los Angeles

If you don't know what Pee Funnel Camp does - then don't bother looking to camp with us. We make upwards of 5000 Pee Funnels by hand and dispense them (in self-service dispensers) at 2 locations in Black Rock City.

We need people who live in Los Angeles who are good with their hands and can do robotic manual labor for hours on end during a few weekends this summer (it's fun, I promise!). We also need an entirely new infrastructure - shade, shower, lighting, electrics, and the transportation and storage thereof (would love us to be pretty rather than ghetto as usual!). We also need people to hang signs in the potties (we hang a sign in every port-a-potty), so early arrival is a must.

We have traditionally been a very tight-knit camp, no more than 15 participants means that everyone must pull their weight. Camping with PFC is a lot of work, but it is mostly pre-event, come Monday - we're pretty much done working. The $ donation is high as we are self-funded, but flexible (pay more, work less, work more, pay less). If this sounds like shit deal to you - don't forget about the fame, glory, and VIP status. Also, we've traditionally ended up mostly male/lesbian as our camp visitors are largely female. We have strict rules about engaging with the customers though - if you are a lecherous perv look elsewhere.

I am primarily concerned with your ability to help us accomplish our goals, and also whether your personality and disposition is a good fit for our camp. Our neighbors have commented throughout the years "you guys are the happiest, most drama free camp ever. You're ALWAYS laughing!". This is because I rule with an iron, dictator-like fist - so if you aren't willing to live in a monarchy, also don't apply.

Send email to: [email protected] for consideration.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Nick Collide » Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:51 pm

The Swish Embassy: Divas, Drag Queens, and The Damned (aka The Booby Bar 2.0)

Provo/Salt Lake City/Ogden, Utah

Terminal City's The Booby Bar ended a five-year run last year with a special party at the Man, where we burned the bar that so many wonderful friendships were started over and where there was always a good time to be had. The last Theme Night party ever for the TBB was a gender blending gala called "Girls Night Out" and it was spectacularly well attended with awesome guests who came dressed for the occasion and stayed all night long.

Now a few of the core members of TBB want to make that party last all week long. Yes, we are looking for Drag Queens, Crossdressers, and TG Girls, but we are also looking for female Divas that know how to rock the look! In other words Queens of all types - except drama queens. This is a no drama camp and we will expect new campers to work hard and play hard and have the time of their lives doing both. We are looking for people that love people, love parties, and love being the very best they can be. People of all genders that love costumes and dressing up are a huge plus.

The Delicious Domes will be back but we will need to replace much of the interior infrastructure so, for the locals, parties (of course) will be held throughout the late spring and summer planning, building, and putting everything together for two fabulous interiors. New campers do not have to be local, however, to be able to participate to the fullest. We will planning a week's worth of theme night parties and will need small groups of people working together each night of the event to be decorators, hosts/hostesses, bar tenders, DJs, and moop patrollers. We will also be looking for a few campers that will be able to come early for the build and/or stay late for the teardown and cleanup. We don't ask for "camp dues" to join the The Swish Embassy. Each camper will be expected to chip in on the bar supplies (alcohol, mixers, etc.) and help with the daily ice runs. Helping with building supplies and interior decorations would be great as well. How far we go with shared camp meals, etc. will depends on the desires of the final list of campers. Like everything else in life, we will get out of this only what we put into it.

We will be looking for people that *really* want to be part of a team of soon-to-be BFF's and are willing to help everyone on the team have a great burn. NO Drama and Have Fun - not bad for a list of rules. We are in this for the long run and would love to see The Swish Embassy pick up where The Booby Bar left off and give Black Rock City another fabulous five years.

We have a thread going in eplaya in 2012 Theme Camps - The Swish Embassy: Divas, Drag Queens, and The Damned - as well as a page on facebook - The Swish Embassy. If you are interested in participating or have questions, feel free to contact Nick Collide/Nicole Hyde or Trojan through eplaya or facebook or email us at [email protected]@com.

Note: We have had several people touch base with us saying that they want to be a part of our grand adventure but left us with the impression that it was for a specific "gift" on one or two nights during the week. In order to continue spending the money, time, and effort it will take to bring The Swish Embassy to the playa we need to have campers committing to a week's worth of fabulosity as soon as possible. There are 25-30 slots available. The theme camp registration with the BMorg will be closing soon. Will we be there?

Kimera Azriel
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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Kimera Azriel » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:37 am

Delicious friends....
From Stable Master Rhino and his ponygirl Kimera,
Hailing from the far shores of England but with a stash of Playa goods on a secret island in the Pacific Northwest.

Are you ready to take part in an express courier service on the Playa as your pony self? We are setting up a stable that can take 10 ponys with handlers. We are looking for serious applicants to be members of our camp. You bring your kit and we will set up a schedule for a work shift for you. We work in the morning before the playa gets too hot. There are news papers to deliver as well as any special orders that we get in. Light work just delivering anything, anywhere for anyone.

What we have:

"Stable" tent - use this as a stable/staging ground for your pony
activities, or live in it, the choice is yours. The space is small
for 2, but doable.
A great shade structure.
A shower tent and kiddy pool for grey water. A potty tent with small chem. toilet.
Three founding members from last year coming together again along with some serious new blood that is giving us new ideas and inspirations for this years camp to be bigger and better.

What we hope to have:
We always have enough ponies to deliver the post but need more handlers. A pony cannot go out on it's own in real life or on playa. Please ask friends you know who would be interested. Bringing someone who knows how to handle you is better than a newbie and makes your Burning man experience better. :)
A full kitchen - with this we hope to provide...
Evening meal for all campers. Everyone will contribute to this, and
we'll have one volunteer to cook a meal for the camp each evening, Mon
to Fri, and a cold meal Saturday. Of the 5 nights, we will handle 3
of them, so just 2 volunteers needed to cook on other nights.
Contributions may be in the form of food to cook, or money for us to
provide the food, we'll see what works best.
If people think it's worthwhile, we'll pitch in for a dedicated
portaloo, so we don't have to use the general ones...
The pony-trap mail cart.
Farm rails for the paddock. need to be tall and high viz at night so people don't trip/ run into them on bikes or on foot.

What you need to supply:

Any food beyond what we supply.
A tent (Or RV or whatever) if you don't want to live in the stable -
please let us know so we make sure there's enough space for you.
Water. Enough to drink, wash up your plates etc, shower, and any
other water you need. We'll supply cookware washing-up water.
Your food contributions (mentioned above, to be worked out in detail later)
There will be some monetary contribution to the camp, based on how
many of the things above we manage to sort out/think it's worth
chipping in for. I guarantee this won't be much, and we won't let it
exclude anyone who can't afford it.
We always have enough ponies to deliver the post but need more handlers. A pony cannot go out on it's own in real life or on playa. Please ask friends you know who would be interested. Bringing someone who knows how to handle you is better than a newbie and makes your Burning man experience better. :)
Your good selves.

Masterphyre and wendimera
Kimera Azriel

Syd Gris
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Opulent Temple would love your help

Post by Syd Gris » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:04 pm

Oulent Temple :

Based in San Francisco

Nightly Sacred Dance to World Class Dance Music. Large scale parties, fire, art, performance, volume.

Need new members of all skill levels and interests to help with pre- playa projects and on playa building, running, and the taking down & cleaning up of our 10th annual camp for 2012.

More info:

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Babaka » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:16 am

We are a small group of nudists living in Florida who would like to try and form a theme camp. We would be interested in hearing from you as to how you can help us build Naked City. We have no experience of putting together a theme camp on the Playa but we have had a theme camp at the local pre-burn and after-burn in Lakeland, Florida for the past three years and it has been very successful. We welcome all thoughts, ideas and suggestions as to how we can organize ourselves to make this happen. If you are interested please contact me.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Pop_Tart » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:16 pm

Los Angeles based MAL-MART presents BAAL-MART 2012. This year Mal-Mart is grabbing you by the BAALs.
(FYI - BAAL is a 14th Century BC Phoenician God of Fertility)

Now recruiting for: Ticketed Co-Campers

Please send a Private Message to PopTart, the E-Playa Mal-Mart Coordinator for more info. We also have a Topic in the 2012 Theme Camps forum, a website (, and an open Facebook group (!/groups/MalMart/).

For 2012, we plan to go BAALs deep with BAAL-MART; the camp of your wet dreams. Diversely comprised of campers with varying backgrounds including seasoned burners, bushy-tailed virgins, classical musicians, rocket scientists, ballet dancers, doctors, gays, straights and everything in between, BAAL-MART does not designate any single identity for its members other than pretty awesome. Our time is spent providing shelter and activites for active BAAL-MARTers and contributing to/participating with the community and ideals of Black Rock City. While some camp members can live in the structure, BAAL-MART will accommodate as many tents, RVs, small domes, yerts or those weird buildings that look like tin foil glued to cardboard, that can fit in our allocated space. Despite our updated apropos name, we will continue to promote the soul and traditions of Mal-Mart by following our supermart format where "shoppers" will be greeted and encouraged to browse our goods and services or climb our 80 foot(estimation) shaft tower.

Some successful Mal-Mart initiatives that will be returning for 2012 include:
**NIGHTLY PARTIES with some of BMs most celebrated DJs that will both make you feel sassy and shake your chassis
**THE RX BAR where burners of age can step on up for a consultation from our overqualified pharmaceutical magicians. Our drinks are poured strong and will cure whatever ails you
**THE GARDEN CENTER provides a place where BAAL-MARTers can lounge and greet shoppers
**THE PLAYA ART GALLERY lined with our camp partner's favorite images
**THE CRAP is fully stocked to satisfy all the dusty couture needs of our BM Shoppers

BAAL-MART camper privileges:
Choice of accommodations (limited availability) that you can call home for the week
Access to kitchen appliances (with some simple clean as you go rules)
Full access to all levels of the structure including the top of the shaft for viewing major events (ie the man burn)
Access to ride BAALs DEEP, BAAL-MART's own mutant vehicle that will take daily (and nightly) jaunts to the deep playa.
Bragging rights that you live in THE TALLEST ERECTION ON THE PLAYA.

BAAL-MART camper responsibilities:
Camp Dues - amount TBD which goes to the rental of our structure
MOOP Patrol - daily sweeps and an all-out cleaning during and after Teardown
TEARDOWN - many hands make light work, so a communal effort to lower our erection on Sunday is vital
Kitchen Cleanup - there are no maids or chefs in our camp, so you are expected to bring all the food and water you need, clean up as you go, and store and remove your own trash
Ball_Mart.JPG (13.46 KiB) Viewed 40207 times
At first glance, onlookers will be able to immediately place the phallic inspiration for the contour of our structure. Yes, it's a ten story tall twizzler of love. But we encourage all who gaze upon our dusty home to not settle for such a on-the-nose interpretation of our scaffold erection(hehe). Through the feminist, post-feminist and post-post-feminist agendas (and through the fact that many men are assholes) the world's perception of the schlong has gone awry. On the contrary, a penis engages in oral sex every 2.6 seconds. The male genitalia has honorably garnered an infinite number of garishly crude nicknames throughout the history of the spoken language such as tubesteak, veinous maximus and weapon of ass destruction. Baal-Mart, with its double geodesic living domes and central tower, will stand on a foundation to inspire, affirm, change, evolve or fertilize the community's relationship with the spam javelin, whatever that may be. We have no intention of creating one common opinion for the goo bazooka. We just want to celebrate all the diverse beliefs and attitudes toward this very important character in the Fertility story while welcoming visitors to our store front to stock up on some awesome.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by inthecolumbiagorge » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:29 pm

Black Rock City Parks and Recreation
Based in Washington State, but welcoming campmates from all over

After lots of soul searching on whether we actually would attend this year due to the ticketing decisions of BMORG my family decided to go for it, so 2012 is my year to FINALLY burn! Spoke with about 6 different theme camps about joining but we are an industrious bunch and we thought since there are so many virgins this year we will have our own totally virgin theme camp:-) I submitted the plan yesterday for the Black Rock City Parks and Recreation theme camp by virgins so we will see if we get placed or not, but regardless we will be there in our full virgin force!

Our plan is for a family oriented playground camp and will include foot powered "yabadabadoo" bumper cars (adult and kid sized) and bumper car ring, revolving teeter totters (adult and kid sized), swings, park benches with misted shade, body/face painting as well as amazing playa wear we have crafted ourselves to gift, and a craft table with supplies to make Black Rock City souvenirs/memorabilia to keep or gift. We are a family unit, middle aged adults with adult children, pretty mellow, and uber prepared. We have pretty much everything we need, I am not looking for money, just for participation. We live in WA state but that does not really matter unless you do live anywhere close and want to help build the bumper cars and ring but we will have it all done regardless. To participate on playa you just need to be there and commit to help out by being in the camp for shifts you can sign up for. If you are a ticketed virgin, not too crazy rowdy, feel you could commit to manning the playground at certain times and want to camp with very organized happy campers let me know. Single virgin burners that were lucky enough to get a ticket, you are totally welcome to go with us as well as families or couples or anyone else for that matter. With that said, none of us really want to babysit folks that are unprepared or do not know how to maintain so please keep that in mind. While we would of course help any other person in need, I really do not want to be holding your hair back while you are puking with a least not repeatedly:-) We are open and nonjudgmental however and if you can maintain...well....whatever makes your hair fly back is fine with us! We may have a alter abled registered vehicle if we can manage it and if anyone joins and is coming from the NW extra transportation for the playground rides would be helpful but again we will manage if not.

So....putting it out there....any virgins want to participate in a big way your first year let us know!

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by mamasharon » Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:56 pm

Dragon Wagon, from near Salem, Or. seeks Theme Camp to join or campmates to expand what we already have. We consist of a 20 ft. motor home made into a 60 ft. dragon. We also run the Bizarre Bazaar where Burners can shop for the latest in Burnalicious clothing absolutely free. We also have a Pink Palace and a Kazbah for lounging. Mama is a great camp cook and Katie is ready to party. Please contact us if you think we might be a good fit for your Camp or if you would like to start a new Theme Camp.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Unicorn » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:03 pm

Seattle-Based Buddha Camp Seeking Campers!! Non-Buddhists Welcome.

Camp Name: Buddha Camp
Web Site: (still in the process of being updated for 2012)

[email protected] is a Burning Man theme camp that was started in 2007 by a small group of Burner Buddhists in Seattle, Washington. The goal of the camp is to bring Nichiren Diashonin’s Buddhism to Black Rock City to share with thousands of open minded seeking people and provide a space for fellow practitioners to gather and chant together. The camp is currently composed of Buddhists and non-Buddhists from Seattle, Olympia, Boise, Las Vegas and California.

We are looking for like-minded folks to join our camp (preferably who already have tickets). Its not necessary to be a Buddhist (many of our campers aren't Buddhist), but be willing to explore Buddhism or at least living for a week following a compassionate and contributive ethic. If you are located in the Seattle area and can attend camp meetings in person it will be a plus. We are also looking for folks to help engage the community through helping to lead events, whether it be tarot card readings or providing refreshments to fellow burners. Events from last year at Buddha Camp, in addition to daily chanting, included: playa weddings, hula-hoop jam party, naked barista coffee, a German Sparkle party and more.

For more details please send me a PM or email [email protected]

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by duder9000 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:09 am

SparkleSpaz HoboTron 20:12 presents Black Rock Candy Mountain!!!

We seek out BLUEGRASS PLAYERS so that BRC can get their APPALACHIAN STOMP on! Honkadelic, man!!!

* Are you a group of friends (2-4) that plays bluegrass together and just loves to jam?
* We have very novice bluegrass players in camp - we have a mountain dulcimer, a singing saw, some guitars, a couple tambourines (and some african drums)
* We are seeking some folks to create a better live bluegrass experience than we can offer with our own skills!!!
* We are a SMALL theme camp (~12 people, will max at 18 people)

Last year we were SparkleSpaz RainbowTron 20:11 and we were super excited about rainbows and gnomes and psychedelic spazatronic color explosions.

This year we are SparkleSpaz HoboTron 20:12 and we present the theme Black Rock Candy Mountain. If you are reading this far, YOU KNOW THE WORDS TO THE SONG! We want to have the most psychedelic spazatronic bluegrass hangout evah!

We have lemonade hobo punch, hobo body painting and Appalachian pikture takin' studio with hobotronic backdrops, we'll be cooling passersby off with our Minty Misting services, the Hunker Down - a ShortDome where folks can give their dogs a rest, and other hobo delights.

Bluegrass players! Hopefully 2-4 friends, but we would also welcome singles. You can develop your own involvement in the camp. What do you envision for your bluegrass offering? We don't want to box you in and we don't want you to feel like we're expecting you to be playing bluegrass all the dang time like our personal bluegrass slaves. When you feel it, you feel it. We offer our camp services during the day, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't also love a late night jam. Drama-free, no sparklepony types. We want a good match with camp dynamic. Read below to read about us.

This is our second year as an official theme camp. We are in our late 20's to late 30's, but we love all ages! We hail from Wisconsin, Georgia, California, and Washington mostly. We're all really nice people with wicked senses of humor. Some of us are daytime partiers, some of us are nighttime partiers. We'd like to think we have the perfect size camp: small enough that we can all have a blast together and feel like a family, large enough where we have the resources to really make something great for the community, but without requiring "scheduled work shifts" like large camps.

PM me! Or on facebook you can find our page if you search SparkleSpaz HoboTron. Let's get this bluegrass jam STARTED!!!!


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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by veleda » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:18 am

Sacred Spaces Village (usually between 3:30-4:30 on the Esplanade)
Location: San Francisco Bay Area with Pods in San Diego, LA, Florida, Oregon...Britain and the Netherlands..but people from all over!
Camp Size: 150
Participating Pods: Serpent Flame, PlayaQ, Xperience Camp, general Sacred Spaces Pod

This year SSV will be continuing its tradition of creating an amazing place and facilitating the combining of efforts, talents, resources, gumshun and elbow grease of a multi-national plethora of artists, teachers, healers, builders, performers, visionaries, and culinaries like you, to create an amazing, transformative, embracing, grounding, captivating, and engaging experience for each other and our playa family.

We are offering the Alchemy Temple with an interactive visionary art temple for each of the four stages of spiritual transformation plus we offer a lush indoor acoustic and electronic chill music, yoga, and large event space and tea lounge in the evening asa healing space for bodywork. We typically have 5-9 public structures decked out for workshops, events, soirees, and good times. We typically offer between 50-100 events and love to 'bring it'.

For our campmates: we have showers, evap pond, generator(for camp stuff plus charging station), cool chill space/dining hall, inner community events, a fantastic meal plan, porta potties..

Well we would really love to find a performance-oriented camp to join the village or a mystical fire arts we would like to expand our performance and fire art offerings. We also don't have an art car camp so that would be rad..or willing to lead a project on one..or any groups that do occulty visuals or camps that do Tea service or visionary art mystic woowoo too.

For individual peeps: any of the above, plus food alchemists (PlayaQ will be doing some fabulous events this year), artists of all stripes, healers of all stripes, THINKERS, candlestick makers, yoga gurus, altar/chill space creators, spiritual-themed musicians, lighting/VJ techs.. or..we always need more infrastruture peeps ..we really love our build/strike crew up!

We are so looking for a few people who want to do sculptural works related to alchemy.

There are village dues plus each person works 8 hours on the playa during the week for camp maintenance (4 of which are in the kitchen), plus an addition 4-8 hours between build/strike depending on what is needed and how many whiteouts there are. We also ask that each person find a special way to contribute to the village - by participating in a community council pre-playa, bringing/building art, making a special event (like a midnight milk and cookies for the camp), coming for build, offering a performance or workshop, etc. We like every person to find a way to share their special izness with the village.

Luv n' Dust,
Luv n' Rocket;
Sacred Spaces Village

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by playaharpy » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:54 pm

Join Playa Surfers!

We are a Los Angeles based camp inspired by the laid back surf culture of the Pacific and 2012 will be our 6th year surfing the playa.

What we do:
- Set up a lifesize replica of an LA County lifeguard tower along with a "wave" inspired shade/performance structure
- Dawn and dusk surf lessons on our motorized surfboard fleet, tarp surfing
- Host a kickass afternoon beach party staffed by our lifeguard crew
- New this year - a tented (and hopefully cooled) tiki lounge game room along with giant tiki heads inspired by our new muse Lono, the Hawaiian god of fertility and music

What we need:
- smiley, happy, hard working and drama free folks who appreciate beach/surf culture
- carpentry and structural building skills to help with infrastructure maintenance/repairs and building giant lono tikis
- electrical/mechanical skills to help with generators, lighting, motorized surfboard construction and maintenance
- we are happy to consider new campers without specific technical skills if you live in LA and want to contribute

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the contact form found at and plan to attend our next camp meeting on April 4th. We'll be in touch with more details once we hear from you.
2011 - Playa Surfers 4:30 & Esplanade

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Lassen Forge » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:16 pm

In refrenece to post elsewhere,




Will to take on any worthy burner, including Infamous Plug and Play burner wishing to escape from controlled existance under handlers and become true burners, who


in our patently obvious



For further information, please to contact ministry of Disinformation at


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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by ElmoSF » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:39 pm

Camp Name: Volta ao Mundo (currently a closed FB Group of the same name).

What city you're based in: San Francisco, CA
Description of your camp and 2012 plans - big picture stuff for now, you can get into the details (including dues) with people individually.

Volta ao Mundo means "Around the World" in Portuguese and refers to the recovery circle you take in the Capoeira tradition after you lose the beat. Similarly, our Camp aims to offer an intimate chillaxed daytime unamplified acoustic music venue away from the noisy Art Cars and busy Esplanade, a place to sign up and play, or pre-arrange a late afternoon headline act. Between performances, we'll invite all passersby to enjoy a game of Petanque on our court. We might just have enough ice buckets to keep the steel balls chilled.

We're a first-time Camp with a backbone of veterans welcoming interested Virgins.

Our Camp is going to be primitive. No grid, no kitchen, no pyrotechnics, no amps. Greywater and shower are still being negotiated. Camp resources are what we each contribute from our own, and individual comfort reflects individual self-reliance with plenty of preparation advice and communal organization before the event. Dues will go towards transport, some Playatech furniture, and perhaps a shared shower & greywater system.

We're looking for acoustic musicians, carpenters, and sound engineers to advise, join, and headline. We'll max out at 15, and I may have room for a few Virgins. If you have a ticket and you'd like to join, e-mail voltacamp (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss details.

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by Dr Dilemma » Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:02 pm

  • Camp Name (and camp web site) - Paradise Motel -
  • Based in San Francisco (primarily) and LA
  • Description of your camp and 2012 plans - Over the years we've worked to provide a "chill" space where weary travelers can relax by our "pool" and get out of the sun for a while. We draw people in with the best snow cone stand on the playa, where we try to ensure all guests are thoroughly teased and taunted (show us your junk and go the the head of the queue!) Last year we added a 40' x 30' shade structure and some fabulous light up palm trees. This year our LA crew is working on a pink dome and tower.
  • What you need.
    As we've grown as a camp the last few years, each year we have taken on a number of new people each year who are first timers and integrate them into our camp. And all these new folks must work at least one shift in the snow cone stand where they will get to interact with a lot of community members and learn about how gifting works, so all our burgins have a way to participate their very first year that is definitely "doable". We'll be down quite a few members this year so would be able to take on some new people. We are especially in need of a camp DJ this year.

    Camp activities are mostly during the day so we will usually venture out as a group at night as a group and become what I call a human lava lamp. That's where you start off in one big clump, but you start to get separated into blobs, which may come back together later.

    Our camp is mostly queer but have a few breeders in the bunch. We generally do a meal plan (which involves much bacon) but are in need of a cook this year. There aren't any other "amenities" provided so looking for folks that are self sufficient on their camping needs.

Here are more pics from 2011:

and 2010

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Seeking Participants

Post by PlayaPatrol » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:03 pm

Reincarnation and Penance Camp 2012
Still working on the website.
Los Angeles and Dallas Texas (open to all Earth dwellers)
We'll reincarnate playans. They will do a penance that varies with the individual, then emerge reborn through a giant vagina. We'll issue playa birth certificates.
We're looking for positive hard workers that can supply their own ticket. 18 years and up, easygoing, good attitudes only. No experience required.
We need any and all of these:
People to construct the camp's elements in the LA or Dallas areas. Artists are highly welcome!
People to transport the camp to and from the playa. Trucks or vans are needed.
People to set up and tear down.
People to help run the penance and reincarnations.
People to make the camp swag.
People to set up the camp shower.
We may have meals depending on the members desires.
Each night we'll have a different costume theme party: historical, holiday/santa, clown, zombie, pirate.
We'll have a Playa Patrol where volunteers will wear a red shirt with white cross front and back (think ski patrol) and/or ranger satire outfit scouring the playa for Black Rock Citizens in need of aid. That aid will consist of alcohol, sunscreen, snacks, earplugs, dust masks, on the spot penance or our camp's swag depending on the specific circumstances.
We'll have a great location and fun time. Be reborn on the playa! Please pass the word along.
We may be attending Burning Flipside in Austin too.
Message playapatrol at gmail dot com with your Burning Man experience if any for more info.
Anyone taking offence at anything in my posts - tough. It's only an internet forum. Stop being overly sensitive. you are shallow and banal. Eplayans who spend hours a day posting need to make in person friends and mentally masturbate less.

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Post by moltensteelman » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:04 am


Qualified crew needed for Mission 2012: Black Rock City

Portland, Oregon – March 26, 2012 – ACME Exploration Corporation announced today that it is seeking camp members to help launch a new theme camp designed to showcase The Walking Beast by Moltensteelman and offer up some kickass fire arts installations at this year’s Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada.

ACME Exploration Corporation is a theme camp operated in affiliation with the work of Moltensteelman Studio, ACME stands for Allied Creators, Makers and Engineers and ACME Mission 2012 is open to both new and veteran Burners from around the Portland, Oregon region who want to create a high quality camp experience and have some fun while getting work done. Successful crew applicants will be friendly and energetic and have demonstrated ability to work as a team to achieve group objectives.

“We’re excited to create this new camp,” says ACME President Moltensteelman, “With the right crew, ACME Exploration Corporation will give a lot of Burners the chance to ride a real mech robot that shoots gigantic fireballs.”

Theme camp art and activities will feature The Walking Beast, the Flamboni playa shark art car, the Super Sit and Spewww! G-force testing unit and the Pyrosaurus Flame Garden. Space is available in the camp for compatible art installations by crew members. Camp resources include camp shower and greywater system and public lounge dome.

ACME is expected to be a highly visible and highly interactive theme camp. Crew members will not pay dues, but must commit a portion of time in service to the camp. Crew members must be able to attend two or more Portland/Salem area work parties with options prior to and immediately after return from BRC.

Approximately 12 camp positions are open and crew members are especially needed for:

• Safety crew for The Walking Beast and flame effects operations (all crew will take shifts)
• Camp safety enforcement (bouncer with great people skills)
• Heavy load hauling (one or two people with truck or trailer to haul 1000 lbs propane)
• Wiring, rigging, and lighting (handy with light tools and on ladders)
• Camp set up, tear down and LNT operations (all crew are expected to participate)
• Hospitality and BRC acculturation (camp host/greeter shifts 24/7, plus one house party)
• Flame effects artists (learn to build and/or add your own flame effects project)
• Kitchen crew (if there is sufficient interest from camp members)

ACME crew positions are expected to fill quickly and applications will be accepted until July 20 or until all positions are filled. Applicants will be responsible for obtaining their own event tickets and personal supplies. To apply, please send an e-mail stating your qualifications, the position(s) desired to pdxmoopie at gmail dot com.


Information Contact:

ACME Exploration Corporation
Chief Executive Officer
pdxmoopie at gmail dot com

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by SantasSummerSleigh » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:54 pm

Santa's Summer Sleigh Camp
North Pole

New camp looking for a few good elves :) Actually, how the camp evolves is something you could be part of. The website gives a history; the future is up in the air. If you've always wanted to gift a skill or such, perhaps we are here for you. If you want to help serve Sno Cones a couple times, we have it for you. If you want to chill in the common area and make new friends, we've got that too . . . what you want? Let's talk!
-[email protected]

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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by HandJamMasterC » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:37 pm

Camp D.O.A. has room for a couple of folks that love wine, champagne and people ! We would like to recruit folks from the Sacramento / Folsom / Auburn / Placerville area, so we can meet you and get to know you beforehand.

For more information on our camp, please see our camp website -

Then give us an email !!

For the history of Camp DOA, see this thread - ... ty#p676129

Thanks! HandJamMasterC


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Re: Theme Camps Seeking Participants

Post by somnia1120 » Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:49 pm

The Mind Wrecking Crew

Website redesign in the works, but for now:

Home base: Los Angeles with a small presence in San Francisco

This will be our 5th year on the Playa. We are a small camp (generally 16-25 campers) that runs a bar and food service with other interactive events tied specifically to the overall Burning Man theme. For the last two years, we've been located on the 9 o'clock plaza (last year, we were the My First Period Bar).

Check out our website to see what we've done in the past and what's on tap this year. We think tying our camp to the theme each year helps keep us fresh and also relatively unique on the Playa. Unfortunately, it also means the camp is a lot of work to put together.


What we need: Campers who want to participate and bring our camp to life! One of my favorite parts of our camp is that even though we have new faces every year, we're always a really tight knit group by the end, so we're looking for campers who wanna share in this experience.

Areas where we could grow:
  • Music / Sound / DJ: Our sound system currently consist of some PA speakers and an ipod. It gets the job done, but we'd really like to find people who have the skill and interest in improving the aural aspects of our camp.
  • Artistic Types: The more art and decoration we can have around our camp, the better we can express what we are trying to accomplish.
Some things we offer as a camp (with your help, of course :D):
  • We've collected quite a few shade structures along the way, both public and for the back camp chill space.
  • Basic shower and grey water evap (though we could use some engineering help on making this more efficient ;))
  • Since we provide food service, we have a basic camp kitchen
  • Fun times


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