100'th Monkey Camp welcomes new campmates

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100'th Monkey Camp welcomes new campmates

Post by zifra » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:08 pm

This year we reprise the 2008 very successful theme camp, the 100'th Monkey Camp. Based on the writing of Ken Kesey in his book by the same name, we accept the fact that there is a universal conciousness. Our task at the 100'th Monkey Camp is to collect and share information to feed that universal conciousness. We accomplish that by offering a place for anyone to express what they want fed into the universe. Most people wrote or drew in the binders we had out, but many also danced, chanted at our candle garden, or spoke at our soapbox podium. The messages are profound, and the existing replies wil be displayed at the reprised camp.

In addition each campmate held at least one class or event to share thier own skills or loves. We had a trophy making day, a dance lesson, a silly olympics, a scavenger hunt, a kazoo chorus and a knitting class. Believe it or not the knitting class was a blow out, the first arrivals ended up teaching the ones who followed!

So now we do it again! We can accept up to 20 campers, experienced or virgins. We would love to have some local SF Bay area members to help with planning, but campers from anywhere are welcome, as long as they are drama free, and honestly want to give back by supporting the theme camp. Don't worry if you cannot think of a skill or event to bring with you, I am great at figuring out what resonates with people.

We will provide a large shade structure, a smaller structure for a kitchen, and 7 years of playa experience. In addition to 100'th Monkey, I have set up Carnival Games, passed out lemonade and snowcones, and helped out in several others. I know that the right group of campers creates a warm space where people just wander in 24 hours a day in a fluid wonderful river. We will ask that every camper stay around for one day so that wanderers have a friendy face to greet them, but outside of that and general camp stuff you will not be required to hang in camp.

We will also be setting up some luxuries, a shower, and if the group votes to pay for it, private porta-pottys and a meal plan.

If you are interested please message me here, or at zifralogic at yahoo dot com.

Cannot wait top get home!

"Feel it, Live it, Share it!"


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