ORPHAN / VIRGIN CAMP - Seeking 10 new members

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ORPHAN / VIRGIN CAMP - Seeking 10 new members

Postby funkyjigsaw » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:34 am

Recruiting for an Orphan / Virgin Camp. We have ten places still available, out of a camp of approx 50.

This is a camp for loners who don't want to be totally alone.
Either you couldn’t talk anyone into going with you, or your friends have ditched, or couldn’t get a ticket, or you were originally blazing on alone and fearless!
A few of us are people who have been to Burning Man before, but most of us are virgins, just finding our dusty feet, and looking out for each other.
There is no “theme” (unless we make it up as we go along).
No camp fees.
No obligations or duties.
We are radically basic to start with, but aim to build an awesome camp by the time we hit the playa to party hard!
You should assume that the facilitators of the camp will not provide any infrastructure. No food. No water. No booze. You need to be radically self-reliant when you turn up and “plonk” your stuff down.
We do expect you to have grasped the burner principles and bring a positive burner attitude.
HOWEVER, the way it works is this : when we have a full tribe of Orphans and Endorphins signed up (45-50), it is expected that we all work together to make the communal camp as awesome as it can be given our limited resources. We already have lots of shade, and pub/bar structure.
We will also be providing as many services and entertainment to the wider public community as possible. At the very least we will have the Orphan Pub, Orphan Radio Station, at least a couple of Street Parties throughout the week, and two Burn Barrels.
Some people may bring shade, others a burn barrel, or snacks, or extra costumes, camp lights, music, or organize an event …. & other awesome fun stuff! If you are unsure that you can contribute, or are unsure how to, don’t panic … just bring a smile, a hug, and a tutu! And beer! It’s us amazing burners that make a camp, not the infrastructure. You don’t have to spend any time in the camp if you don’t want to. You can happily explore the playa on your own if you want. Often a few of us will “head out” together on some weird quest … join in, don’t join in … it doesn’t matter! But your family will be here if you need us for support, fun and crazy stuff!

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Re: ORPHAN / VIRGIN CAMP - Seeking 10 new members

Postby Chashing » Thu May 03, 2012 10:19 pm

Yes we're newbies looking for a camp to share/interact, if the offer is s tiil open , we have 4 in our group and planning on bringing a small rv and lots of shade, look forward to your reponse. Cheers Chashing

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Re: ORPHAN / VIRGIN CAMP - Seeking 10 new members

Postby funkyjigsaw » Sat May 12, 2012 8:55 am

ANNOUNCEMENT : The main Orphan / Endorphin Camp is now FULL.

HOWEVER, as in 2011 we actively encourage the formation of second, third and maybe this year even fourth spin-off Orphan camps.
In 2011, we had Orphan / Endorphin, Orphan 2 and Orphan 3 camps.
All it takes is for a couple of people to step-up and say "We'll pull an Orphan camp together!" I personally ran Orphan 2 camp last year and it was amazing fun!
To help anyone to do this, the Orphan / Endorphins will happily support you and bring communal shade for you if you want to run an informal spin-off Orphan Camp.

Please keep in touch!!


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