The BRCPO International Post Stamp Collection Plate

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The BRCPO International Post Stamp Collection Plate

Postby CitizenRandom » Fri May 18, 2012 5:46 pm

Hey, did you know the Post Office at 9 oclock plaza is doing a comunity service of making you extremely familiar with the methods and madness of Bureaucratic red tape- form filling and governmental retardation? WHAT?? YOU SAY! Why yes we also deliver and receive your messages and actual real time ol fasion snail mail even packages if you know ahead your Playa camp address. You can actually mail your whole camp thru the United States Post IF you so choose to. But thats LOONY! you say?
Yep- we deliver Buddy and heres whats on the boards for this year- consideration for Passports . a comemorative BRCPO
passport for use when traveling with in the boundries of our iillustrius city. This years special consideration for Passports is to
commemorate the 1st time VIRGIN experiances and visits to many of our globally known Theme Camps and attending certain activities that will forever herald your joining with the 30,000 other first time attendees in the largest surge of freash meat ever to hit the Playa.

WE ARE FUNDING UP and NEED YOUR STAMPS !! Bring anything from one to one hundred stamps for certain suprise missions and awards during the event- You could be included in vip old school Burn Events- be sent to meet special guests, win in a Playa challange, be elligable for special
gifts or even attend a safety meeting! The value is NOT TO BE OVER LOOKED!!
This offer is for the 2012 event only. Every participant who brings a book of US proper post stamps will receive a passport along with a mission with a chance at the SUPER DEDOOPER POSTAL TROOPER grand Award to be issued Friday at noon .
So Bring those stamps! Get THAT PASSPORT!! And familiarize yourself with a time honored tradition of Fereral Volunteerisim at its sacred level best.
For any questions or assistance for the post office by donations of lumber- bar stools and cash
or just any question you may have about the post office
send mailto:
Remenber real mail cost real money. and bullets are expensive.
Help perserve the BRCPO and
Lets "Stamp Out" your mail tell em Citizen Random sent ya!!
yours in the flame

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Re: The BRCPO International Post Stamp Collection Plate

Postby Elderberry » Fri May 18, 2012 6:14 pm

Maybe you should explain this more. I'm sure that lots of the newbies on this board have no clue about the BRCPO.
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