Steambathproject in the internet age

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Steambathproject in the internet age

Postby shep » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:23 pm


Q:Do you like Steambathproject?
A:Of course
Q: do you like like Facebook like steambathproject?
A:I'm not sure Q:Does SBP have a Facebook page?

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Camp Name: Steam Bath Project

The Steam Bath Project

Postby steambathproject » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:23 pm

Hey everyone, my name is John Payne, I post here on eplaya as steambathproject. Since 2001 SBP has been creating space for Burningman attendees to take a steam bath in. Steam Bathing in the hot dessert is not as nutty as you might think. Mostly people who have tried it think it is not so nutty.Come find us this year. We will be camped with Nectar Village. If you do Facebook please come to our fan page and like us. If you already know about the Steam Bath Project please consider sending some money to help us with current expenses. In order to put us in good standing fiscally we need to raise about $6000. We will be paying for shipping, operational costs, and long term stable on playa delivered storage. My pay pal acount is connected to this email address . Rest assured that all payments will be personally responded to and that transparency will be made available as requested. We are working up some swag, little mini skirts made from terry cloth, cod pieces made from terry cloth,hand bags made from terry cloth. We have lot's of terry cloth. If you hate pay pal please be in direct touch with me at , and I will send you my mailing address. If you require some assurance that this request is for real please be touch. If you think that I am doing this wrong please be touch. If you want advice on how to set up your own back yard sauna ,or how to make one for your regional event please be touch.

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