Camp Spots Still Available at Chakralicious Camp!

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Camp Spots Still Available at Chakralicious Camp!

Post by huggima » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:19 am

Hey folks, wanted to do a callout and share that due to the fact that Chakralicious Camp has been given TWICE as big a foot print on the playa this year, we still have lots of space for burners to join us for 2012. Yay! So if you're still thinking about where to camp and want some fun, conscious, spiritual, healthy, playful, community oriented peeps to share your week at the burn with, please check out our website at and see if we can be your playa buddies this year. Woot!

Some of our camp offerings are as followed:

* An Air Conditioned Chakra Dome (for our workshops)
* A Puzzle Mat Filled Stage Dome (with a sound system for our yoga and dance classes and night time parties)
* Geometry Sound Portals to meditate and climb on (by Harlan Emil Gruber)
* A Fun, Funny Chakraland 30x30 foot Human Size Game
* A Massage and Chill Yurt, just for the campers
* A Sensual/Sexual Dome, just for the campers
* A Dining Hall/Rec Room filled with tables, couches, and games, just for the campers
* An Ocean Themed Shower Setup, just for the campers
* An Optional Organic Vegan Cooked or Raw Meal Plan (and you can bring your own meat if you'd like to add more protein to your food)

And some of our fun shindigs for this year are...
"The Dance of the Luscious Feast" Lower Chakra Party
"Voice, Mind, Spirit" Upper Chakra Party
"Theatrically Obnoxious Tequila Hour"
"Funky Clothing Swap"
"Cabernet Cabaret Sunset Showcase"
And of course, all of our workshops!

We are currently located at Dandelion and 4:45, and still have room for more campers and workshops. So if you're still on the fence, we'd LOVE to have you. Please check out our website and let us know if you'd like to join. Much love and colorful blessings!



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