100th Monkey Camp looking for Bay Area campmates

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100th Monkey Camp looking for Bay Area campmates

Post by zifra » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:47 pm

100th Monkey Camp has had a bit of fallout, as always happens, and we are looking for a few good campers to join us. We need friendly, open people who truly want to give back to the communal good. While we have several spots open, we are in serious need of 3 campers whose schedule will allow them to be in the bay area Friday to load up and help us set up on the playa Saturday. Please know, we are not looking for people who want early entry passes but campmates flexible enough to be able to join us for set up. We will be leaving San Jose on Friday and can offer our campmates a ride if that helps!

If you are still reading, here is the info on the camp:

100th Monkey Camp is a reference to a Ken Keyes Jr. Novel.


Here is a good site to read about it. In short the tale is given as proof of a universal conciousness. Our premise is that if there is a universal conciousness, a fact we take on faith, it can be deliberately fed. We have writing tools, drawing supplies, an area to think, speak, dance or sing, and a candle garden to chant or pray. People are invited to come in and share is any way they wish. 

In addition participants will have a chance to share written or drawn donations by others. This is the second year for this theme. We have some phenominal entries from 2008. My personal favorite will be t-shirts for the group that offer the following entry as it was originally done in red crayon text (silkscreened of course)DAMN THIS PLAYA LUNG! DAMN THIS HEAT! DAMN I'M HAVING FUN!

We will plan interactive events durng the week. On the schedule so far is Tutu Tuesday, a ballet contest. ( I did this before and it was a hoot. ), An Easter egg hunt, a genital necklace class, a kink disscussion forum and a flogging class. Two of our campers are doing a sword class and a blind date night. All Campers, especially new campers will be encouraged to host (with our help of course) events of thier own, however it is not mandatory.

We have all necessary large shade and kitchen necessities. Campers are responsible for their own sleeping accomodations.

I plan to keep the camp to under 20. I just received our placement, we have 50' x 100' on Geranium at about 8:45.

We ask that each camper agree to be responsible for camp one day. The 1-2 (depending on size of camp) people responsible for othat day agree to prepare 2 easy meals, keep the cap tidy and encourage participation in the camp. Other than that others will do it for you. General costs will be shared.

And of course help with set up and tear down.


Cannot wait top get home!

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Re: 100th Monkey Camp looking for Bay Area campmates

Post by veleda » Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:03 pm

Hey Zifra!

Will be sure to stop by your camp!
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