Full Moon...Blue Moon Scavengerhunt in the French Quarter

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Full Moon...Blue Moon Scavengerhunt in the French Quarter

Post by chakrakhan » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:02 pm

The botanika bodhi manman nan beejeezus is located in the french quarter at 7:30 and a.

The Botanika Bodhi Manman Nan Beejeezus would like to invite you!, fair citizens of Black Rock City to pay homage and give honor to our fearless leader Larry Harvey Fertility 2.0 God.
August has not one but TWO full moons, the 2nd one lands on August 31st 2012.
In order to appease the God, and prevent him from sacraficing "the man", the botanika is accepting playa sacrifices. The first 5 people to bring one of the following items will each receive a face to face tarot reading, and then have the reading wri
tten down in your very own leather bound book of shadows and a mystical elixer that brings peace, and a state of bliss from the sacred lotus flower that grows in Peru. Please bring the following items to the botanika:
1. A sparkle pony (pony will be forced to wear a plain white tee shirt and will be given a water bottle and will magically become radically self reliant).
2. A shirt cocker (shirt cocker will be given a brand new pair of ball huggers...so thier balls no longer drag in the dust, creating more dunes).
3. A blue colored person (the only colored person allowed in the French Quarter....hell its thier moon we're sacrificing them to right)
4. A birgin (for the skin suit)
5. A unicorn cause they are horny and I want to get lucky.
your official invite:


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