Suspended Animation needs your help

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Suspended Animation needs your help

Post by Zang » Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:32 am

Suspended Animation has commissioned a unique art piece from Seattle artist (and Black Rock City Hardware member) Geo: an all-steel suspension rated bondage bed that will make its debut in Black Rock City in just a couple of weeks, and then travel back to Seattle. This purpose-built, hand-constructed functional sculpture will feature twin arcs of steel over a queen sized mattress, with connecting load bearing rods. At the apex of the structure there will be a triangle truss, and providing ample connecting points for all sorts of interesting suspension possibilities. Connection hardware will be selected with great care and attention to strength and durability.

Your help is needed
Suspended Animation is seeking donations to cover the cost of materials, plus the artist's commission. Please visit our Kickstarter campaign page and donate! Even small donations will increase the possibility of completing this project.

There are rewards!
Aside from the pride of contributing to such a great undertaking, there are rewards for donations!
  • Pledge $20: get a Suspended Animation sticker
  • Pledge $50: get a Suspended Animation bandana
  • Pledge $100: guaranteed bondage ride!
  • Pledge $300: spend a night in the bed at Suspended Animation in Black Rock City, and get breakfast in bed served by the crew. For folks who won't be in Black Rock City, you'll be treated to dinner with the crew plus a custom bondage ride catered to your imagination.
  • Pledge $500: for playa-bound backers, the overnight and breakfast in bed package plus a tailored suspension experience, and you get to keep the rope used in your suspension! Non-playa backers: dinner with the crew, a tailored suspension experience, and you get to keep the rope!
Your support is greatly appreciated by the whole Suspended Animation crew! With your help we will be able to bring this ambitiuos undertaking to fruition.


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