Three Burners Looking for One, (Preferably Two) Camp Mates.

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Cyn Ann
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Three Burners Looking for One, (Preferably Two) Camp Mates.

Post by Cyn Ann » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:30 am

Hello Fellow Burners! :D

Me, my Husband and his best mate (from New York) are offering a ride to and from Burning Man and a place to camp. ( My husband and I reside in West Hills, CA- Near Woodland Hills.) We are looking to offer this opportunity to preferably two people (you don't have to be a couple, just two people, although couples are also welcome.) All in all to pitch in evenly for gas and RV expenses (the RV has been reserved) and of course bring your own food, water/ice, personal items and of course, your happy attitude :D Obviously we will be stopping for gas on the way and to purchase ice and all that. We did this type of arrangement in 2010 and it worked out great for all five individuals. We missed the burn last year due to major financial hardship.. So we are extremely excited to reunite with BRC and mold our souls into the amazing ambiance that is Burning Man!! :D

We will be departing from West Hills, so if you are living close (or relatively close) to the area, that would be ideal. Last time, we had our burner companions (two people) meet us at our apt, and we departed from there. We plan to leave Monday August 27th late afternoon, and leave BRC on Sunday night August 2nd, after the Temple Burn.

Cheers! :D

Love and light,
Cyn Ann/Sweet Thing

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Re: Three Burners Looking for One, (Preferably Two) Camp Mat

Post by DrVanHelsing » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:35 am


I recently got hold of burning man tickets fairly last minute and am arriving in San Francisco from the UK around 24th-25th August. I then realised I don't have any way of getting to the event or anywhere to stay during... That's when I saw your message. Is there space still?

Let me know if there is, and if you need to to know anything else about me (you know, to check I'm not the kind of idiot who experiments with indoor bbqs etc).



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Re: Three Burners Looking for One, (Preferably Two) Camp Mat

Post by fisicaccio » Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:44 am


I sent you a private email but not sure you're checking them. Do you still have room in your RV?
I just posted an ad here, I am pasting it below:
Thanks --L.

have 1 extra ticket, from nyc, looking for buddy and camp

Postby fisicaccio » Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:51 am
Hi everybody,
I realize it is very late in the game, but as a partial excuse friends I was going to go with won't be able to come.
I'm looking for one or more people to camp with me, preferably sharing a trailer/RV. If you already have an RV/trailer and looking for an extra roommate, that would work too. If that helps, I have an *extra ticket*.
Ideally you are from NYC, so that we can meet, and you have been to BM before.

Something about myself.
I'm 40yo, originally from Italy. Very responsible yet fun (who isn't :) ).
I am a second-time burner, I can't claim to be any expert of course but I know how it is like and what it means to be self-sufficient.
I'll go by myself in a tent if I must but I'd prefer to do it with a buddy or small group.



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