2012 - Four week adventure with the Burn in the middle!

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2012 - Four week adventure with the Burn in the middle!

Postby MrDavers » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:13 am

So I've had to repost this without the costs involved due to ePlaya regulations, so if anyone's interested to know the whole financial aspect of this trip, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly. Also, I know it seems perhaps a little early to be planning already, but thinking about this stuff quells my post-playa blues a little..!

I've priced the entire thing up to the last buck, but I'm by no means a control freak. As a friend of mine recently put it, the Burn just weighs heavy on my mind & soul. I did largely the same trip this year only without the RV. Now after five Burns in a tent, I feel I've paid my dues, so to speak, & I'm taking an RV next year for damn sure!

I'm planning a trip exactly four weeks from start to finish; 28 days including the flying days on either side. I'm proposing flying into San Francisco the week before the Burn, tentatively Saturday 18th August, depending on everyone's work schedules.

We'd pick a rental car up from SFO airport when we touch down & as for what we do with it, I'm totally easy - drive up the California coast, just have it in & around SF, go to Lake Tahoe, etc etc. We'd drop it off again on Friday night / Saturday morning, then pick up the RV from Cruise America San Francisco & head off to Reno.

One night at a delightfully tacky casino-hotel in Reno to chill out a bit, then on Sunday we can gather all our stuff, buy food & supplies, bikes, etc, before heading out to the BRC gate that evening.

We'd be getting a full-size 30ft RV from Cruise America, unless we can find a better deal or we decide that the slightly cheaper 25ft RV would be big enough. It'll hold all of our gear, give us another place to cook & it'll sleep four in comfort.

After the Burn we'd have the RV for a few more days, returning it in San Francisco on Saturday 8th September. We could use that time to camp with it in Yosemite for a couple of nights, or go back through Tahoe -again, I'm easy.

After dropping off the RV, we'd pick up another rental car from SFO that same day & so we'd have it from Friday 7th September to when we fly out on Friday 14th September - gives us a week to properly decompress in the Bay area & have some wheels so we can hang out by the coast or travel to decomm / burner events in the Bay easily. Plus for those of us flying in, it means we don't have the ball-ache of getting all our dusty gear on BART at the end of the trip, we can just cruise up to the airport & drop it off.

Of course all this is totally open to suggestions & changes depending on what everyone wants to do & where everyone wants to go on either side of the Burn - but if anyone's into a four week trip with the Burn in the middle, just let me know & we'll get cracking on figuring it all out!

Oh, & if as a potential travel buddy you'd like to know more about me before planning anything, more info about myself is online at http://www.couchsurfing.org/davers

If you don't have an ePlaya login & want to contact me some other way, I can be emailed at kingdavethefirst@gmail.com

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Re: 2012 - Four week adventure with the Burn in the middle!

Postby Cheyenne » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:58 pm

Don't bother with Cruise America, they are too expensive - go with Road Bear in San Fran... they will be much cheaper if you book before 31st October 2011

If you want to start that trip from LA, we could be interested...

I just drove there and back in a week... from the Burn

Go Tigers!

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