Looking for an RV rideshare buddy!

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.
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Looking for an RV rideshare buddy!

Postby DaveDavers » Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:51 am

Due to one of our party dropping out this week, we're looking for one person to share our RV adventure to the playa this year.

We are a group of three looking for a forth - two veterans & one virgin, all British & all in our twenties. We're picking up a very comfortable, full-size 30ft RV from Oakland Cruise America on Saturday 25th August before driving to Reno that same day. One night at a delightfully tacky casino-hotel in Reno to chill out a bit, then we can use Sunday to gather all of our stuff, buy food & supplies, bikes etc, before heading out to the BRC gate that evening.

We're camping with Barbie Death Camp, so we'll have great placement in the city.

After the Burn we'll have the RV for a few more days, returning it in San Francisco on Friday 7th September. We're planning to camp at Pyramid Lake the Monday night after the Burn & then moving onto Tahoe & the Cali coast.

The details of the trip post-Burn are totally open to suggestions & changes depending on what everyone wants to do & where everyone wants to go after the Burn - so if anyone's into a two week adventure with the Burn in the middle, just let me know & we'll figure it all out.

I booked the RV months ago so the costs are minimal. For more details regarding costs or for any info about ourselves, just drop me a message on ePlaya. :)

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Re: Looking for an RV rideshare buddy!

Postby happyreturns » Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:50 am


is there still room on your RV? My in-laws in Oregon ended up selling theirs, leaving me stranded. I joined BarbieDeathCamp on my last burn, in 2010, and it was a great experience. Brought three cases of vodka and endless gallons of tomato juice, Clamato, pickled asparagus, celery etc. for the PorkOut b'fast. Would be interested also in competing in the chili cook-off this year...but mainly am looking for people to join with. Low-maintenance, third time burner.

Catch me here or at andi-licious@retox.org.


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Re: Looking for an RV rideshare buddy!

Postby Cyprexx » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:32 pm


Im backpacking around the world (9 months an counting) and planned on cruising along with some fellow Burners before and after the event! Sounds like a perfect match :)

Im 24, from Austria, Burgin, easy-going, open minded and a slightly crazy/very fun dude to hang out with. If there is still some space left, let me know :)

Introduced myself earlier this year so check my post if you're interested.


Facebook stalking at: http://www.facebook.com/stefanomushkape

The road trip after the Burn sounds AMAZING! I really don't care where the journey takes me, as long as everyone has an amazing time! Count me innnnn!

Austria-> India-> Thailand-> Laos-> Cambodia-> Indonesia-> Australia-> Burning Man-> Taking the long way home :)


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