Car from MN to BRC

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Car from MN to BRC

Post by degas » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:02 am

My mom is letting us use her car!! A roomie old bonneville. (in exchange for my tiny scion xa)
My boyfriend and I are leaving Minneapolis on Friday or Saturday.
We're laid back artists who like adventure. 26 and 29 years old.
I want to find a tattoo shop on the way back....
We want to make this a fun, sight seeing? trip and at the same time
not spend all of our money on gas and getting lost ; )
Our taste in music is pretty open; we like to bike, dance, eat, laugh, read, chill, climb, paint, sew, swim, and experience newness.
We've been to Burning Man before.
Message us so we can talk details!
Split the gas 4 ways.
I think the car only has a cassette and no cd (we can get one of those cassette adapter things though for an mp3 player)
We don't have a roof rack or bike rack YET. We'd like to take bikes though.
Thanks for reading, if you don't ride with us, we'll see you at home.....

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Re: Car from MN to BRC

Post by FIGJAM » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:53 am

You can't get gear for 4 people in that car!

Are you going to pull a trailer? :shock:
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