Need a ride from Santa Cruz for 2 <3

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Need a ride from Santa Cruz for 2 <3

Postby kylieanyce » 4 years ago

Hi! My name is Kylie and I'm in need of a ride to and from teh burn with my boyfriend. We are hoping to leave Sunday to arrive. Then leave monday? Need to be back to Santa Cruz by Wednesday morning for school. We won't have too much stuff- just tent, mattress, canopy, suitcase, cooler. We both have licenses and are in good standing to drive. We love talking... a lot. Haha we're super friendly and optimistic. Down to throw on gas and whutnut. We have one to 2 more people who also need rides if anything is available where we could all ride together. PM me if interested!

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Re: Need a ride from Santa Cruz for 2 <3

Postby portaplaya » 4 years ago

The main website has a rideshare board: ... -man-2012/

You definitely should post there.

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