Screwed by Uhaul need help getting gear back to Reno

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Screwed by Uhaul need help getting gear back to Reno

Post by HeironymousJosch » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:12 am

Hello all!

I'm Whiskey or Heiro or Mr. P. I camped with BooBy Bar in 2009 and organized the Cosmic Collidescope in 2010 before moving to Australia. This year we've teamed up with a crew from Oregon called the 7 Deadly Sins at 730 & A.

Coming from OZ, we booked everything early, including the box truck to get the camp from storage in Reno to the playa and back. Well, it turns out Uhaul is retroactively canceling ALL reservations coinciding with the dates of Burning Man. We got the email notifying us that ours was cancelled the day we were meant to pick it up, despite booking it 4 months ago.

We have managed to get a truck that will get our gear to Gerlach and our friends will come and get it from there but we don't have a way to get the gear back to Reno at the end.

We've got a far less than full 10' box truck worth of gear and storage in Reno. The kicker is, Mel and I have to pack down Sunday to avoid exodus so we can catch a red eye flight Tuesday morning from Reno. Does anyone have any ideas? We'd definitely be willing to pay anyone that could help us get the gear back into storage in Reno. PM me or better yet call 415 900 6996

We're almost home!

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Re: Screwed by Uhaul need help getting gear back to Reno

Post by junglesmacks » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:20 am

Have you tried contacting Budget Truck Rentals on Gentry Way in Reno? Unlike Uhaul, they ARE 100% burner friendly..
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