Seeking ride from San Francisco Ca (Near AT&T Ballpark)

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.
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Seeking ride from San Francisco Ca (Near AT&T Ballpark)

Postby Keiferling » Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:58 am

37 year old Male looking for a ride to and from Burningman.

Flying in to California in the PM of Aug 24 and will be staying with friends for two weeks. Issues have come *back* and my friends are more unsure if they are going. They suggested I look for a ride share as to not be stuck if they cannot go.

Really short notice. HELP!!!!!!!!!

So here I am a virgin looking for a ride share from San Francisco (near the ATT&T ballpark) to Burningman and back to the same location.

I have 2 bags and will need to pickup food. Willing to pay flat fee or gas $+

Looking to leave anytime that gets me in the gates after 6:00 Sunday

Looking to return anytime after the temple burns. ... 2012/7259/ ... -august-27

Contact: , or

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