Luggage transportation from Reno Sun-Mon please?

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Luggage transportation from Reno Sun-Mon please?

Post by leaglealien » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:42 am

Hey everyone

My family is just completing a cross-country trip and we'll be in Reno this evening. I can see that for all my planning, our
vehicle is hopelessly overloaded. There is no way on earth we can fit all the
shopping we need for the Playa in our vehicle given that it already doesn't have
a spare inch, including the packed container on top. Is anyone coming through
Reno Sun night/Monday that has space in an RV or camper and could take some of
our luggage or dried goods? We are at Circus Circus but I could meet you. We will be in Kidsville but I can come pick it up on the Playa. I'm not looking for a ton of space, just enough to relieve us.

Best thing would be to call me direct on 845 802 4573 though I am still getting
e-mails on that phone.

Thanks in advance

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