Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

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Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

Post by Picu » Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:09 am

Hello, we are will go to BM on 2020 and day after ending is labor day ( 7th sept). We need to drive to Las Vegas to return the motorhome. Do you know if there are open gas stations or near Carlson/Reno or on the way to las Vegas? Mayor concern is to have a good place to have deep cleaning that opens that day. Do you believe it can be done on the station on the way to LV?
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Re: Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

Post by Meat Hunter » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:51 pm

Please do not take offense:

Picu, I assume that since you have just joined e-PLAYA that this might be your first trip to the playa.

If this is so, you have no idea how thickly encrusted (both inside and out and underneath) a motor home and all the systems will be after being on the playa for 7+ days.

An outside mid-level wash of a motor home in one day is doable.

For me, I would schedule at least three days (possibly more days) for a deep cleaning of a motor home.
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Re: Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

Post by some seeing eye » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:18 pm

Some friends rented one, and I rode down and back with them. To clean it we were all rested and had all the cleaning tools at their home - power washer, vacuums, rags, spray cleaner. It took 6 of us about 3 hours, and the people using the RV were experienced burners who tried to keep it clean.

Going over every interior surface and gap with cloths takes a lot of time.

You can save some energy covering every last soft surface with cling plastic made for that and having a strict no shoes inside rule.

If you are flying in and out of LV and don't have a home base with equipment, I think it will be impossible. Also, don't let your other RV mates go until it is clean.

There are some extensive RV threads on ePlaya.

Maybe there are others who have cleaned a rental RV on the road who can explain how they did it.
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Re: Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

Post by Picu » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:38 am

sure! I´m pretty new on this, so I really appreciate those advices. Now I have a more clear picture of the implications. Is not a question of a bank holiday, is more about a deep work beind the cleaning
thanks for your comments. Looking forwards seeing you soon!

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Re: Deep cleaning of the MOTORHOME on labour day

Post by Canoe » Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:24 pm

The biggest problems will be:
  • someone leaving a vent or window open and the wind fills the inside with playa soil
  • lots of people in the RV tracking it in
And use painter's tape on the window seams on the outside to keep dust out.
Same for any vents you'll not use on Playa.
And doors. I taped driver's and passenger's door.
And any storage cabinets you won't use on playa. One should be designated for clean clothes (also in a sealed bag) to be worn once you leave BRC and are off the playa.
I also used the plastic cling on all tables.
On the inside, furnace filter taped over the on the one roof vent I didn't tape shut.
Cleanup was easy.

NOTE: if you tape a window/door shut, it will likely be held shut if you try to use it for emergency exit. I kept one window as an emergency exit, and taped it on the inside, with folded over tape to have a tab for quick & easy removal.

Swiffer floor mop cloths make quick work of gathering playa soil/dust. Don't attempt this until you are off the playa.

In the past Nixon (by Pyramid Lake) has had some car/rv cleaning fundraisers. Google to see if there's any word on such yet this year. They did an amazing job on a car for me once. So thorough I paid twice.

google eplaya for RV tips
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