Zip tie suggestion for bikes

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Zip tie suggestion for bikes

Postby geospyder » 6 years ago

Be very careful about how you place the zip ties on your bikes. I zip tied my el-wire to my bike and then clipped the ties. Unfortunately the very sharp cut edges were facing out. After riding the bike I noticed that the sharp edges of the cut ties had sliced my inner thigh. Nasty cuts. Be sure to rearrange the ties so that the sharp edges face downward so you don't end up getting cuts.
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Postby phil » 6 years ago

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Postby gyre » 6 years ago

You can also smooth the sharp edges.
And glue the tie in the joint if you want it very hard to remove.

Best to use black UV resistant ties.
The material is vulnerable to sunight and low humidity.

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Postby Dork » 6 years ago

You can also get a bunch of those velcro wire ties - they're a bit more expensive but reusable and won't damage you or the el-wire.

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Postby teardropper » 6 years ago

The attachment of that EL has been a subject of thought. I am looking for very small zipties, the shortest I've found being 3 1/4 inch by .10 inch. I want to ziptie the EL to my spokes. I was going to use larger ties for the frame, and your comments are noted. Besides the velcro, anybody having any luck with other ways to connect? Especially to the spokes?
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Postby oneeyeddick » 6 years ago

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