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Postby Nitevenus » 6 years ago

Don't see why you couldn't ride it at the mph posted. Big question is how would you recharge it? No power available...... unless you bring it.

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Postby phil » 6 years ago

The technical answer has been that you can't ride a powered vehicle with a seat on it unless it's a certified art car. So stand up gas-powered scooters are okay, but an electric bike would not be.

Someone posted that this has changed and that electric bikes are okay, but as far as I know no one has posted a link to a BMOrg page that says this.

All corrections welcome.

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Postby maheesh » 6 years ago

the rules seem to state only go peds, i'm wondering if I keep it real low key, if I can get away with it, only use it to cross the playa....anyone?

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Postby gyre » 6 years ago

The rules are officially changed.
A pedalec or electrically assisted bike is now allowed.

The usual common sense rules apply, ie Don't be a schmuck.
If you behave unsafely, you can be cited.
Don't create dust in the city.
Don't go too fast for conditions and the size and weight of your bike.
Worth noting that the weight of electrics vary a lot depending on type and size of batteries.

And I would suggest the widest possible tires, and as smooth as possible.
Smooth tires work better and create less dust.

Bring a good lock.
Don't use a cable on an electric.
Use a hoop lock or a good chain and lock.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 6 years ago

People are likely to object, complain to BRC rangers, and if the rangers get interested in the problem they can herd you and use radio technology to track you down.

People actually appreciate living in a person powered mobility city. Or else they are so pissed off that they're walking/biking their asses off and some wiseguy just blithely zips on by.
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Postby gyre » 6 years ago

AntiM wrote:So no electric assist for the rhoadescar, huh?

The dmv can still issue permits.

Perhaps in the future some rule based on a vehicle being bicycle based will be set?
Seems reasonable if you're using a small motor like a hub drive.

What are nevada rules on something like that?

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