Changes to Playa Deliveries

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Changes to Playa Deliveries

Post by scotto » Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:33 pm

There is a major change to Playa Deliveries - If you are expecting a delivery On-Playa PAY ATTENTION: From what I read my vendor must now be purchased a ticket that once the delivery is done is mine to eat @ $300. That was not in my budget.

I am not liking this new policy



• This is the same process that has been in play for years, however due to abuses, we can no longer refund admission tickets purchased for deliveries.
• A registered camp or artist representative must be on site to receive deliveries, otherwise deliveries will be refused entry.
• The driver must know your ON-SITE CONTACT’S NAME and THE NAME OF YOUR CAMP. (Many camps have delivery mishaps because this information is not with the driver. Don’t let this happen to you!) • If you are a registered, placed theme camp, Gate will contact your Placer and the your Placer will alert you of their arrival.
• You will need to meet the delivery at the gate and escort them to your camp and back out of our city again.
• The placement-team will lend guidance as to the safest route to and from your camp.
• If you are not a registered theme camp and you must have a delivery, then someone MUST be at the Gate to escort the delivery, otherwise they will be turned away.


• Does not require receiver to be a registered, placed theme camp or artist.
• Access to expedited vendor access at special vendor Gate.
• Access to Pre-placed dropoff/pickup points for on-playa deliveries/ presence • Unlimited in and outs for services making multiple deliveries—the pass is designed for vendors that have a need for frequent access to the “outside worldâ€
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Post by theCryptofishist » Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:08 am

It's awful late in the season to be bringing this up.
Does anyone else see the possibility for certain vendors to concentrate most of the deliveries in their hands?
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