Rental car recommendations at SFO

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Rental car recommendations at SFO

Postby internot » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:28 pm

I know that rental cars get talked to death in here, but I am wondering if anyone has updates based on last year's experiences renting cars at the airport in San Francisco. According to what I could find in Google, Enterprise in San Francisco on Folsom had posted a crappy homemade sign in 2010 stating "Our cars are not allowed to go to Burning Man. CA Only. $1000 detailing fee. per Managemt"(sic)

We are going to fly into San Francisco this year and plan on possibly renting a car at the Airport. I have rented in Reno in the past without incident. I do take the LDW and I spend a lot of time dust proofing the interior before the trip and cleaning up afterwards. I also keep my mouth shut (don't ask, don't tell) and tip either money or a 12 pack of beer to the person who takes the car back when I return. Which company at the airport is likely to be best bet to rent from in 2011?

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