Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

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Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by Peterjohnroberts427 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:40 pm

We are from Denver and plan to get to Reno on Sat night in our RV. Where can we legally park our RV for the night?

Also, are there any recommendations for Hotel pool parties Sunday during the day!

This is our first time to burning. We are so excited. Thank you for any awesome advice!

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Re: Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by junglesmacks » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:43 pm

Walmart allows free overnight camping in the parking lot.
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Re: Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by phil » Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:59 pm

Check Louise's page here: ... 818/RenoRV
and see if that points you in several directions.

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Re: Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by Canoe » Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:14 pm

junglesmacks wrote:Walmart allows free overnight camping in the parking lot.
Protocol is to ask management for permission. With so many Burners, our presence is expected and tolerated. With such high numbers, they might appreciate NOT being asked, again, for the xx time that night.
I found one manager at one of the Reno ones off of 395 that said it wasn't safe, that they have a security guard overnight due to crime. So I parked the RV among all the other burners. The guard drove around keeping an eye out as best he could. I didn't see any problems.
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Re: Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by moonrise » Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:58 am

I just learned there is a new law regarding this, the RV park owners are responsible for it (their greed is the reason, their lobbyist's got it passed)

You cannot park in any retail outlet overnight any longer in Nevada!! RV park owners want your money, even if allllll of the RV parks are full, you aren't supposed to park and sleep at Nevada retail outlets. However, I think if you shop there, say whenever ya need to pee at night, haha, go buy a stick of gum and you're a customer. YMMV

Also, true story, I recently fell asleep in my chevy truck at a wal mart parking lot in Reno after resting my tired eyes for a second or two, the security guard called the fire dept and cops, they came and manhandled me, I flipped out and had the manager come out, who then told them to get lost because I was a good customer (it's now a crime to work too hard and shop too much in the USA? huh?) I was exhausted from just that, working on a hell hole low income rental and shopping too much....okay, so I get them to buzz off after they forced me to undergo some health tests, yes i'm alive and sober and no key in the ignition bla bla,,, dui impossible, ('aw shucks...' thought the cops, hmph, I don't drink and drive mr cop, lmao)

fyi, the reason the security guard called the emergency services and cops in the first place was because I fell asleep with my head pointed downward, if it had fallen backwards when i fell asleep they would not have called (apparently people croak in their parking lots, and head down is a sign yer dead, hmm, from working and shopping too hard! I can out shop a woman btw, lmfao)

Then get this; 'bout 10 minutes later, after i recompose myself, again I hear fire trucks and more cops, sirens and flashing red lights (the works baby!!) I ask them if they need help finding the emergency and they said YOU ARE THE EMERGENCY!!!

I think, again?! wtf?! 'Uh huh' I say as I whip out my cellphone and press the magic pre-paid 'get my 24/7 lawyer on the phone time' button on my keypad, so I speaker phone call my pre-paid on-the-road-$1-a-day-lawyers (I LOVE them btw, great for cellphone on camera traffic stops too, hehe) and the manager comes BACK OUT, I show the stack of reciepts for WORKING AND SHOPPING UNTIL I DROPPED and ablsolutely refused their f''ing help!!! They skipped the tests the 2nd time around, i assure you of THAT!!


I say; park at any wal mart you want to, in a huddle with other burner RV's and such, keep your chin up and buy gum... and for what it's worth, Winco is MUCH better for food prices and quality! open 24/7, two Reno locations and they ONLY TAKE CASH, as AntiM says, "Winco rocks!!"
WINCO sells epic Tillamook farms ice cream Blackberry is the BEST IMO!

see ya' soon,,,I have more work n shopping to do.... :lol:
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Re: Reno on Sat night - where to legally park RV?!

Post by AntiM » Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:46 am

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