Ride share, will call and paper tickets...

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Ride share, will call and paper tickets...

Postby Patiencepie » 4 years ago

How does it work out for those who have a paper ticket in hand with folks in the car who have tickets at will call?
Do the folks with will call tickets just get out of the car and with luck find their driver again or does the whole car and all passengers go to a will call line? I don't know how will call works at a large event like this. I found a ride share passenger who has a will call ticket and just want to sort out in my head how it will work when we arrive. Thanks!

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Re: Ride share, will call and paper tickets...

Postby Eric » 4 years ago

The entire car goes into the Will Call lot. The Will Call person goes to the window, others can join or just stretch their legs. Once the ticket is obtained, you all pile back into the car & will head back towards the Gate line. You'll be directed back in.

Do not have someone "just get out of the car" - there's a very good chance they will get stranded, and they will not be allowed to walk into the city (which is well over a mile away)

Make sure your Will Call person has their confirmation paperwork (printed copy of the email) & their ID before you head out. If their ticket isn't at Will Call the entire vehicle will have to drive them back to Reno before heading back in. (Worst case scenario, unlikely to happen, just a warning)
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Re: Ride share, will call and paper tickets...

Postby portaplaya » 4 years ago

Will call has a short-cut line to Gate, running alongside the rest of the Gate lanes. You don't have to rejoin the back of the line.

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