Need camping gear & supplies transported from SF Bay

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Need camping gear & supplies transported from SF Bay

Postby Rocky_Bullwinkle » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:26 pm

My friend and I are planning to fly in and will need someone to bring in our gear from the East Bay, though I can drop it off at your house anywhere in the area within maybe 30 miles or so. Prefer round trip, but one way is an option I will consider. If you are driving an RV to meet people or renting a car and have extra space, help me transport my gear and you'll have my gratitude and I can pay your for the gas/trouble. Even if you don't have space for everything I am willing to split up the shipment. Even if you can just bring one bike it would be an assistance. So here's what I got that needs brought: 2 bikes, 2 sleeping bags, tent, tarp, air mattress, 3 5 gal jugs (can be empty if you stop to fill them in Reno), 3-4 misc boxes and bags. Let me know if you can help. Much love.

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