BxA/Airport Logistics?

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BxA/Airport Logistics?

Post by pedroescobar » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:04 am

Due to some work constraints, I'm flying my wife into BRC mid-week (Wednesday). Anyone have any experience with the airport and landing in BRC? How long does "processing" take? She will have a paper ticket in hand with a small pack (essential supplies like goggles, dust mask and water). No other luggage as that will be coming down with me/camp early.

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Re: BxA/Airport Logistics?

Post by trilobyte » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:49 am

Like any airport (and for that matter, the main gates), the amount of time it takes can vary greatly depending on how busy things are and how full the flight is. Don't worry, it won't be busy like flying through LAX or JFK, but it could take a little time. It's a fun experience (what with it being Burning Man and all), but they do have some FAA stuff to make sure is completed and gate stuff to sort out.

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Re: BxA/Airport Logistics?

Post by Token » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:29 am

pedroescobar wrote: How long does "processing" take?
That there my friend is a tell that you are trying to set expectations. Expectations are not a good thing once you reach highway 447 and for the duration of the stay at BRC.

What you really need is some plans for when things don't happen as anticipated.

1. Make sure your wife knows where your camp is located before she boards the plane. Shit happens out there that could stop you from reaching the airport, like rain as an example.

2. Prepare for the long haul - First, it s a good long hike to the airport. Second, you may be waiting there for a while. Third, make it fun for yourself and all others there - bring some stuff to share and participate with.

3. Make it a "party". Be social, goof around, make some friends. You never know what surprises may be waiting. - I did allot of that, had some good single malt on me, and when my wife landed and cleared customs one of the party peeps jumped up, rolled in a small MV and chauffeured us back to camp, all cuz he was having fun.

Your airport experience is as good as you make it.

Remember that weather can throw a serious monkey in the wrench. White outs, lightning, rain - all can close the airport right-quick. Make sure you have a small transistor radio on you and listen to BMIR for good intel on all that.

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Re: BxA/Airport Logistics?

Post by some seeing eye » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:56 pm

Planes can depart late from the originating airport.. They should be able to tell you the flight time to BRC. So it might be useful for your partner to send a text at approx takeoff time and before phone airplane mode. Of course you may not receive that text...

The airport control tower has to sequence the BxA and general aviation into the landing pattern. An in-progress dust storm or winds could delay landing indefinitely. After the shuttle lands, the passengers are escorted to the terminal which is a mini gate.

Some passengers will need will-call, ideally the hard ticket passengers proceed directly to the incoming gate. There their ticket is scanned for validity. Hope all the interweb magic works as intended.

Then arrivers are subject to a thorough customs inspection for contraband, vermin and bad attitudes. That's a fun job! Really!

After that they can walk over to the shaded lounge. Of course the lounge always welcomes donations of comestibles. Maybe a light coming arriver can do.

There is a possibility that a text sent by your arriving partner from the playa at the airport to you on the playa might go through. Lounge is is a fine place to wait,

The airport terminal can be crowded with wrangling general aviation, scenic flight pilots and passengers, and ideally that should not slow the flow of BxA passengers, but if you have ever been in a third world airport, it's all a little unpredictable~! On the other hand, 88NV is safety first, not third, though fun is a close second and gate getting sh*t done is close too.

15-30 mins with hard ticket, though YMMV.
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Re: BxA/Airport Logistics?

Post by pedroescobar » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:27 am

Thanks everyone.

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