Condition of Gate Road by Exodus

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Re: Condition of Gate Road by Exodus

Post by 666isMONEY » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:59 pm

Interesting ... I got to BCR as soon as gates opened and thought the road was bad, lots of dust, potholes.

I think the dust is like water and once a pothole forms and a tire falls inside more dust is ejected.

(I left about 24-hours later because I thought it was too hot.)

One year I walked around to gate road to see where the dust storms began and observed huge RVs kicking them up going too fast.

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Re: Condition of Gate Road by Exodus

Post by DoctorIknow » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:18 pm

I'd forgotten about it 'till this thread was resurrected...

I know I made those behind me crazy (it could take me 15-25 seconds for the worst potholes) ....using a very steady foot on the brake to go in fits and starts, as without a lot of braking, I was in fear of the bouncing displacing my bikes on the rear rig, which I never thought would be subjected to the hundreds of very bad potholes.

Also, because of knowing one CAN NOT pull into (without the popo saying I can't be there) that last open area, fenced with cones, right next to the main road, I stopped 100 yards away as far to the right as I could (no traffic in that lane at that point) and made sure everything was secure.

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