eBikes and Burners who Ride them

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Re: eBikes and Burners who Ride them

Post by Token » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:32 pm

Ok, sealed Pb Acid, probably AGM.

AGM have a different charge curve than flooded lead acid like in a car.

Yeah, what folks said on voltage but if AGM, 11.6V is the magic number for discharge.

For charging, AGM takes a higher bulk 14.6-14.8V but the float is lower at 13.6V

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Re: eBikes and Burners who Ride them

Post by BBadger » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:33 am

Captain Goddammit wrote:Absolutely true, but impractical on the playa. In reality you're gonna be out doing whatever, and you're gonna go until they die, battery life expectancy be damned.
Oh yeah, once you're on playa you're not gonna walk the thing home just to improve the battery's life expectancy for the other 51 weeks in the garage. Around town, maybe...
tatonka wrote:wow below 12v , ok I will have to get another set to charge while Im gone . They are 12 volt 15 amp , I need 3 of these and they weight about 8 lbs each. You cant put water in them , they are sealed.
I think when you charge them on a generator you're also only supposed to bother charging those batteries up to about 80-90%, its bulk charge capacity, unless the genny will be on anyway. After that it takes forever to fill up the rest.

Sounds like you've got a nice rig though.
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