No to the lottery.

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No to the lottery.

Post by chineseobelisk » Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:31 pm

I think it's a bad idea... how can people start creating and investing money in projects when there is only a 'chance' that they may go? If there's a finite number of tix then the owness is on the individual to be there in que... camped out in line like a star wars movie to ensure purchasing a ticket. If it's a lottery then the blame can be shifted to BMorg and people will be more bitter if they have someone to blame other than themselves. What about people who have volunteered to run say, center camp for years... will they be in the lottery or are they indentured because of their past. If so it then becomes even more elitist if these people are valued over those who have made huge commitments time and moneywise over the years to produce fabulous projects or camps simply because they are not affiliated with the organization. AND... if there IS a lottery tickets should be one price across the board, which they probably should be anyways because the original intent that people buy the highest price ticket they can afford has largely been thrown to the wind. In the long run it's those with jobs @, or the ability to be @ their computers on launch day buying the cheapest tix and those who are struggling and can't afford one till the end or don't know if they'll otherwise be able to afford it are the ones paying the highest prices. To maintain a tiered price structure while going with a lotterey system is patently absurd.
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Re: No to the lottery.

Post by Rice » Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:34 pm

We do not know how this ticket lottery will work. So, now is a bit early to panic!!

It is not like this subject has not been beaten to death in 15 other threads...

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