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Postby Cindalou » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:03 pm

So I've been reading a lot of threads. I'm fascinated by the analysis provided by both new and old Burners as to why the system has/hasn't failed, amused by all the verbal 'happy dances' ticket winners are having, and empathetic towards those who didn't get the tickets they were after (only half of my group got lucky -- which I can't complain about at all, based on others' bad luck stories).

I've read sooo much--both official reasons and hear-say--and I must say I'm still a bit confused as to why the population of BRC has been capped. (which is why we're having a lottery, no?) Is it the BLM, or the BORG?
If it's the BLM.....
1. I understand we're convening on a fragile ecosystem, but does 60,000+ hurt that much more than 50-55,000? (err...leave no trace?)
2. If the issue is traffic backing up on the road, perhaps the powers that be could issue tickets that allow entrance on later days to spread the load? Say, after 'x' amount of tickets have been sold, only Wednesday (or later) entry tickets are available (at whatever price is fair for a shortened stay -- even full price?). That still gives those who really want to go a chance to get a taste, at least....and the event doesn't have to sell out. No scarcity, no scalpers. (No Lotto!)
(Of course I admit I don't work Gate, and have no idea just how busy it is for them (and those that monitor the road) all week -- I don't tend to look back once I'm through.)

Of course, if BORG has set their own limits as to what is a reasonable-sized event to manage, fair enough. The logistics of BM are mind-boggling, and I do appreciate their efforts.

Finally, if it IS the BLM's limitations, is there anything we can do as a community to perhaps encourage them to rethink their stance? Petitions? Sit-ins? Dance-offs? For starters, I suggest everybody does a reaaaalllly good job de-mooping this year...

Anyway, thanks for any clarification anybody can provide.
Good luck to those still on the hunt for tickets....and congrats to those who're on their way home...

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Re: Hmmmmm....

Postby igor47 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:09 pm

this has been discussed on this board a thousand times. the population is capped by the blm. it is unreasonable to expect that the two-lane highway to gerlach can handle an unlimited amount of traffic -- it's basically at capacity already. so the cap is not going to suddenly evaporate if we all ask nicely. if it did, you really want a 4-day exodus?

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Re: Hmmmmm....

Postby Cindalou » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:31 pm

I've arrived mid-week before, and the line wasn't particularly slow, IMHO. (It certainly didn't take us anywhere near 6 hours to get in.) And as for a 4 day Exodus....I still get to leave my bar set up 'til the line is reasonable, right?

Sorry to bring it up AGAIN, if that's the case....perhaps I'm just not a fan of reality. :D

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