The real issue....IMHO.

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The real issue....IMHO.

Postby snardy » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:17 pm not the price levels... not the scalpers...

...and is not the multitude of people oversubscribing (anyone who ever took Econ 101 should know about 'herd behavior' in the face of scarcity).

Originally, the drama and stress over tickets lasted only for a few days. As long as you were persistent and were dedicated to going, you got tickets within a few days of the on-sale date.

The real issue is that with the lottery system, the drama and stress with not having tickets is going to drag out for weeks or months. It will prevent people from making travel arrangements, organizing camps/art installations, and investing money/energy/time into their Burning Man experience. All because they are unsure if/when they get a ticket and how much it will ultimately cost them.

The solutions to last year's problems were quite simple and straightforward. Instead, BMORG pursued a course of action with the ticket lottery that was byzantine in its complexity, stress inducing, and, worst of all, leads to a high degree of uncertainty over a prolonged period of time.

Perhaps it's time for the BMORG to bring in professionals who can handle the technological and organizational logistics required for handling ticket services for such a major and in-demand event. I appreciate their desire to keep servicing charges low, but it seems the current demands are beyond the BMORG's capabilities.

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