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Ed Phunk
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Postby Ed Phunk » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:10 pm

I didn't get a ticket, and was frustrated and salty for a bit, but the display in here and what's being said is absolutely horrible. We're really becoming elitist like this? Some of the behavior in here, regardless of how bad the process was (it needs major work) is anathemic to the whole principle of being a burner. I'm saddened to tell you the truth.

A virgin that's already disillusioned. That's NOT a good thing.

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Re: Disgusting.

Postby SaritaSyrah » Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:06 pm

Not good at all, I agree. It's so disheartening, as a birgin, to see all of the negativity.

I really, really appreciate all of the people who are trying to remain positive and helpful, even though I'm sure it SUCKS to not have been awarded a ticket.

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Re: Disgusting.

Postby lemur » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:05 am


the problem is that some people REALLY FUCKIN LOVE this place, and the PEOPLE, and their FRIENDS.. and the community..

theyll do anything to get back there..

they feel invested.. they want to get back to see their friends who they might only see once a year..

for some people.. it is fine for them if their going means someone cant go.. a person who they as as someone who hasnt built up that network of friends/doing/creating/making/projects/enjoing ...they see the newcomer as someone really who isnt losing as much as they are..

so while it may be "Disgusting" and it may not jive with some of the principals that many of us have come to embrace..

all it really shows is that PEOPLE FUCKIN LOVE THIS SHIT SO MUCH that they are willing to sacrifice the virgins to make sure they can get back there..

IT SHOWS HOW MUCH THEY CARE (even if it seems like it doesnt)

this isnt a rock concert.
it aint bonnaroo

people will mourn over this shit.. because its that good.. because the connections are that strong.. because of everything that it is..

so dont get discouraged... just realize that people wouldnt be flipping out if it was JUST ANOTHER THING......

for a lot of people... MANY MANY people... it is NOT just "a camping trip" ....it is not "just a vacation"

for a lot of people in the community.. it is a big deal.

dont take their desires to keep doing what they love as a knock on you, or the event.. if anything it should make you wonder what it actually is at burning man that makes people freak out like they have..

odds are.. if you go.. if you participate.. you'll learn..
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Re: Disgusting.

Postby ZaphodBurner » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:08 am

SaritaSyrah wrote:Not good at all, I agree. It's so disheartening, as a birgin, to see all of the negativity.

I really, really appreciate all of the people who are trying to remain positive and helpful, even though I'm sure it SUCKS to not have been awarded a ticket.

It sucks to be planning your fifth registered theme camp, trying to build another art car, the root beer / absinthe saloon, the viewing structures, blahblahblah all over again, only to discover that this time, by way of limiting inconvenience to burners, NONE OF US HAVE TICKETS YET whereas every previous year, we may not have all paid the same price but ALL OF US HAD TICKETS ALREADY. Hey, wow, that really solves a lot of fucking problems for us, doesn't it? 100% of my camp got rejected!!

It also disheartening to read people's 'Well, sucks to be you but I got mine so quit whining or don't go' posts on the e-playa when I'm trying to determine whether it's even worth distilling x motherfucking gallons of absinthe to give away again this year. I really, really, really don't come out here and trash the BMorg or the event. Normally, I'm professor positive.

This year I feel like saying "Fuck it" and maybe pretending to be a virgin burner all week so I can hang on on other people's art and score lots of free shit.
"The Red Baron is smart.. He never spends the whole night dancing and drinking root beer.. "-The WWI Flying Ace

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Re: Disgusting.

Postby Hashman » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:56 am

Bummed out on not getting a ticket, hopefully I'll be able to grab one come march...

Flying in from Afghanistan, originally Canadian really sucks I didn't get a chance to go before I came over here

Planning a long budget to make this affordable, being let down will be brutal

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Re: Disgusting.

Postby bluesbob » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:10 pm

The negativity is not directed at the community, it's directed at the Borg. And, IMO, they are not part of the community. Read. Read. Read. And soon you'll find how much the Borg works against the principles they expect the rest of us to live by.
"aw shucks.." - Eric

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Re: Disgusting.

Postby remi » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:12 pm

Burning man is going to be super rad this year! I don't care what anyone says on this forum.. there will be art, there will be theme camps.. there will be pure epic fuckin' awesomeness flowing in every direction.
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Re: Disgusting.

Postby thisisthatwhichis » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:22 pm

And don't let the rants discourage you. EPlaya is nothing like The Playa.... In here we all have our defaultia hats on. There is a lot of stuff going on year-round to make the event what it is. Most people don't see any of it until you get there. The BMOrg doesn't even see or know about a good portion of it until it arrives on Playa.

People are just venting and trying to figure out how they are now gonna make it all work. It's a big job. It will get done, though. If you're a Burgin, don't worry, the Playa is something completely different and magical.... Trust me.

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