Wealthy, Elite, Burning Man...

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Wealthy, Elite, Burning Man...

Postby EddieSpaghetti » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:29 am

For the average couple, putting aside $900 dollars just for tickets, not to mention the thousands of dollars in supplies and gear needed, 7 months before the event, is a struggle. Middle class families in our country live pay check to pay check. The first come first serve ticket system worked because you knew the timeline and period when you needed to have that money together. Financial planning is the only way us non wealthy can make this event. This new lottery system has thrown out the baby with the bath water. The talks of people who hitch hike or catch a ride out to BM with nothing but a knapsack are funny, and those people have a place, but they are the opposite of radical self reliance. If everyone did that we would all die in the desert. BM needs the groups of people who put months worth of time and effort, who bring truck and trailer loads of supplies to the harsh environment so that we may all enjoy our time. This system has hurt those people more then anyone. For the wealthy or wealthy because you have others who help you with finances, this is not a big deal. The money is there when they need it. The can afford to get a ticket in July, or pay a scalpers price to get "Home", or not worry about planning or coordinating a large group of people because they bring a backpack of clothes and a six pack of beer and call themselves supplied. For the majority of use who struggle to get rent paid or put gas in the car so we can get to work, skip lunch for 6 months so we can afford the trip "Home." The reason this event works is RADICAL SELF RELIANCE, this system seems to encourage the opposite.
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