Who here actually has an extra ticket?

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Re: Who here actually has an extra ticket?

Post by Herring » Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:13 pm

Colonel Monk wrote: Howdy Herring

Love the name! yes!

Yeah lets hope - to be honest, the actual figure for many burners I'm sure is in the $1000s. People who haven't been to BRC or don't have close friends have probably not figured this out yet.

Yeah, not this OR the commitment required to comfortably (if there is such a thing) survive the desert for a week.

I really really hope that the borg will forget about this restocking bullshit fee, because it will only lead to folks using other means to sell their tickets.

Given what I saw in ebay last year there are more OPPORTUNISTS that I thought possible - "burners" who insisted they were selling above face value to fund their camp and didn't see how that hurts anyone..... :roll:
Yeah I really think non-transferable tickets is the only way to keep people from doing that. When is this Promised Feb 15 announcement coming in??

On Herring, it's actually my family name, or because I'm best pickled or salted, or becaus when I'm red I lead people on wild goose chases. Though I'm wondering if "Kippers" wouldn't be a more appropriate playa name.
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