What we are doing with the 'extra money' (w/o tix) :)

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What we are doing with the 'extra money' (w/o tix) :)

Postby randomgirl7 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:20 pm

We've all been holding those extra funds for the tickets -- we now have a bit more freedom in spending it!
What are you planning to do with part of it? I'm keeping most for the STEP program.. but today I went on a grocery trip and bought a few 'indulge' items (veggie lasagna, fave salad dressing and the ingredients for an Oreo cookie milkshake to name a few)

I heard a few people say they were going to pay bills and fix their car... but set aside $20 or something to get yourself a special treat. So what have you gotten or plan to get ? 8)

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