There are no real tickets on eBay or StubHub. Chill out.

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There are no real tickets on eBay or StubHub. Chill out.

Postby tstaxel » Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:51 pm

Fact: No physical tickets are in circulation yet. All listings are either scams or... scams. Period. Calling them scalpers at this point would be flattery.

Fact: We don't know how many tickets are in the hands of the community and in the hands of scalpers / scammers. Speculation at this point is moot.

Opinion: it stands to reason that many burners DID get more tickets than they need. TEST should provide a fantastic opportunity for redistribution within the community.

Sure, you may get your ticket in February or March as opposed to January. So what? Consider the vast number of burners that got their tickets mere weeks before the 2011 event. I suspect though camps may be in disarray because of this year's timing compared to last year's, things will be just fine (again, just my opinion).

For all other considerations, please see my signature courtesy of the late great Douglas Adams.

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