ticket questionaire - leading answers........?

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ticket questionaire - leading answers........?

Postby amalin » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:05 am

in response to the unsientific ticket lottery questionaire
no option in the last question (of your ticket survey) to stay - yes i did get the ticket - and still : no, i am not happy with the lottery process - it feels off - ------------------>

i did not double on orders nor ask friends without intentions to attend, to register for tickets for me, and i can totally see why a large number of much more better people then me would - and by goodness, did -

Carnival is in the streets and one does not need a ticket to join - so the time, resources, energy and pre-enjoyment in preparing - will have its crescendo: - the costumes are donned - the dances danced - the gifts shared and the floats floated......

To go about one's burner calendar - one has to have a place in time and space for IT to come together. Burning man is for one glorious week in the year - the fountain quenching, quelling evaporating and stoking our collective creative thirst. The awesomeness that our community shares and the commitment and dedication as obviouated in everything every morsel of art and every displayed baked or raw piece of ecstasy produced on playa - took something !

Consider that announcing you will have a step program - and take one! solicit input from your ticket buying community - & better next time!


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