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Post by lemur » Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:58 pm

an example of a 'good idea!!' that turned out not to be so good when implemented were the Staff Laminates in 2011..

they were plastic and looked like drivers licenses.. they werent laminated pieces of cardboard with stickers on em..

the laminates had your meal barcode on the back.. this allowed you to EAT..

welll.. sadly.. all of the ink they used on these suckers reacted BADLY with some peoples body chemistry/sunscreen..

this meant that it was wearing away making some peoples ID laminates and food barcodes almost useless/unreadable..

so we ended up having to go to plain old "OK WHATS YOUR NAME, AND YOUR CAMP? and typing it manually into the computer at the commissary line.. "how do you spell that?!" it was a lot slower than just scanning the barcode..

the idea (all plastic laminates that were printed out and not assembled by hand with cardboard and stickers) that SEEMED great.. ended up being not-so-great (for some people) once implemented.. and ya know, i doubt this problem came up in their testing..

if i were to guess about what will happen in 2012? probably a different kind of laminate that doesnt have such wimpy INK.. maybe stickers that wont have the problem.. who knows.. whatever it is.. it probably got discussed in meetings "damn man, that kinda sucked.."

we dont want UNKNOWN problems to show up in any system.... we can hash out all of the KNOWN problems right here on ePlaya.. but some shit.. you cant even dream up!
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