Dear Burning Man )'(

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Dear Burning Man )'(

Post by Smenkare » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:21 pm

I appreciate the good intentions behind the lottery system, I was a virgin burner last year and my experiences at the event were epic, I wanted to go back REALLY BAD this year, but neither myself, nor many of my Burner friends got tickets this year (I think maybe 1 out of 75 reported on FB that they got a ticket this year via the lottery). After chatting with a few folks I came up with the following raw ideas, [b]an Infrastructure ticketing system [/b]and a [b]lottery-based "random odds" system [/b]

BRC Infrastructe ticketing:
Can't have a BRC if there's no one to build it. Artists, builders and the Brain Trust of BRC.
1) Pre-sale would be open to people who were part of previous burns, or individuals and organized camps that make the burn memorable for all us birgins and reburners alike.
2) Drawings/proposals and photographs of work/art, as well as personal statements would be sent by individuals looking to buy tickets at the presale in a "camp or crew packet."
3)Camps would be encouraged to select the individuals "vital" to running the camp to submit their statements.
4) These tickets would be released to Camps and Work Crews to decide amongst themselves who they are sending.
5) These tickets would be good for early arrival passes and non-transferable.

Lottery System:
1) Instead of a lottery for tickets, you'd get a lottery for an ID # and a date.
2) The ID# would be single use and linked to a date when you could purchase tickets. (I.E. [b]3-15-20-20XX-2095[/b] [Purchase period of March 15-20, 20xx, ticket ID #2095] )
3) Once the ID# was used, the ticket would be NON-TRANSFERABLE. (To decrease the likelihood of scalping)
4) ID#'s would ONLY be good for those purchase dates (to stagger the user load on the website) All unused Ticket ID#'s would be subsumed back into the drawing pool.
5) There would be MULTIPLE drawings. After the close of each purchasing period, all unclaimed ticket ID#'s would go back into the drawing pool to be used for the next purchase drawing. You would select the purchase dates you wish to purchase your ticket(s) on from a drop down menue.
6) The last ticket drawing would be the last week of July or first week of August (or whatever's reasonable...) All tickets from this drawing would be held at will-call.
7) You CAN purchase multiple tickets as gifts or the like, BUT you'd have to use the name of the person you're gifting/giving the ticket to at the time of purchase. (Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE)
8 ) If you can't use your ticket, you'd have to Email/Call/Whatever in and cancel your ticket.
9) All canceled tickets would have their ID's Subsumed into the pool to be used in a later drawing.
10) Tickets canceled after (a date to be determined by The Burning Man Organization) would not have their cost fully refunded...but go to fund the Black Rock Arts grant or something along those lines, and therefor be a tax write off and help support the burn.
11) Two weeks after every lottery-winner announcement (except the final one) there would be a registration period where people could submit/re-submit their info for a the next drawing.
12) There would be 3 main lotteries and a 4th last-minute-lottery for all remaining unclaimed ticket ID's/Canceled tickets.

Hope this is helpful.

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