New Blog - Ticket Update: Rebuilding Black Rock City 2012

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Re: New Blog - Ticket Update: Rebuilding Black Rock City 201

Post by Blacksheep » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:17 pm

pink wrote:[quote="myplayaname"Also, please people STOP Using the word "commercial" about Burning Man. It is just wrong. "Mainstream" fine, but "commercial"? Nothing is being sold there, the official Burning Man merch is unchanged, 'commercial' is NOT The correct word and you people are nullifying your opinions by not knowing what the fuck you're saying.
This wasn't actually my quote i screwed up quoting myplayaname...sorry it was only my 3rd post :oops: .

With all due respect, and I do respect your opinion, commercial is what i said and what i meant. Taking an average of 350 dollars a ticket (I didn't feel like doing the math) the ticket sales alone amount to over 18 million dollars. This money is disbursed to many private enterprises and public agencies to allow BRC to come to fruition.Many of these organizations depend on the monies brought in by BRC annually for their bottom line. As has been pointed out in numerous posts here and in other threads the financial impact to the local economy of Gerlach is substantial not to mention all of the communities that lie between where ever your point of origin is and "coming home". The event has grown in popularity causing the appearance of an after market for tickets that is at least partially responsible for the 2012 ticket problems. The BM Org is a limited liability CORPORATION and as such manages the event as a business - not taking anything away from the effort they all put in or the obvious care they have for the event and the participants. Lastly, ensuring that the large theme camps and art groups are given priority the BM Org is ensuring that the "entertainment" or "talent" is there to provide the continued draw for the event ...if it were just about the individual what would be wrong with allowing everyone equal chances...That is why I used the superbowl reference... what would the superbowl be with 3 players from each side and a stage but no "star" for the halftime show...The addition of the reference of BM being like holiday shopping where everyone turns on each other vying for gifts is also very on point.

I love the event, the people and the event. I miss it all year long and think frequently of when I can return but when I say there is a bit of a COMMERCIAL feel this year that is exactly what I meant ...Just because they arent selling trinkets inside the gate doesn't mean I don't know what the fuck i am saying....
"Pink" Ok, pet peeve of mine: LLC stands for LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, not 'Corporation'.

There is a difference.
I stand corrected on my terminology it has been a long time since i've had to worry about that stuff. Thanks for pointing it original intent in the post is the same....I just wish the focus this year was on the people and experiences and not on the lottery, scalpers, and related business aspects. :)

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Re: New Blog - Ticket Update: Rebuilding Black Rock City 201

Post by quadraspleen » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:57 am

@ Eric - Anything that makes your job easier, my friend :) Politeness costs nothing as my old granddad used to say..

@ Crypto OMG - I hadn't even got started! Thanks for those..Might just use First-timer LOL

@ Monk - I meant it about the meal..The Corner of Shady & Wrong 8:45/G or I, and @ Sandstorm - Exactly that - who wants to be on Esplanade! Too much Dubstep (profuse apologies to Jstep ;) )
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Re: New Blog - Ticket Update: Rebuilding Black Rock City 201

Post by Sandstorm » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:22 am

Quadra: One should never apologize for taking a pee or crap on or a swipe at dubstep because it is awful stuff and no amount of E or Funktion-1 sound systems can help hide the fact that it is just terrible, terrible stuff. I love "electronic dance music" and there's plenty of good EDM on the playa but dubstep is not and will never be included in that grouping of music. Give me some Jungle or House any day of the week and I will shake my rump towards infinity and beyond!


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