What constitutes "low income"? (talk amongst yourselves)

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Re: What constitutes "low income"? (talk amongst yourselves

Postby theCryptofishist » Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:20 pm

She could be working three jobs that don't add up to 40 hrs/week. There has been a push towards not hiring people full-time, because with benefits, it gets a lot more expensive than hiring 2 20 hrs/week people.
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Re: What constitutes "low income"? (talk amongst yourselves

Postby KrisMuffin » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:35 pm

[/quote]KrisMuffin, to me you are not low-income, luckily I won't be making the decision on you. Go for it. I had to apply for one in 2009. I got creative, sent pictures of costumes from past years, camps I had helped work with and the project my camp was working on in 2009 (taking our band to BRC). I haven't made over $4k in a year since 2006. However, I live less than 300 miles from BRC, so I can see that the BMorg could factor your long journey and expense of living in Boston in on your request. It really helps to have friends, ones that can give you a place to camp when you arrive.

Um, how can you work 3+ jobs and only make $13k? If you work 40/hrs/wk at minimum wage you'd make over $15k. Just asking.[/quote]

Not sure why this horse is being beaten into spam or why I'm being brought back into this at all (I really wasnt asking for an opinion if i qualifeid or not), but I never said I made 13k. If you follow the whole tread to the very begining the person who started the conversation asked if 13k would qualify them for a low income ticket, and the wolves pounced with a NO without any real explanation. And btw, it is totally possible to make 13k working several part time jobs. See the excellent explanation above.

I think a lot of the "I qualify and you don't" BS is coming from a place of competition for the now coveted golden ticket, and has little to do with helping each other out. If the BMORG only cared about income in and nothing else than the application would not have been one that could rival an ivy league college app. It would simply have been your name, email, and how much money you made last year.

It's about income in, cost of living(which makes a HUGE difference depending on where you live), life events, and a multitude of other factors that I don't think ANYONE on this board is qualified to say who can have a low income ticket and who can't. I personally don't plan on making a low income ticket my way in every year. I just had a rough year financially last year amongst other life things, and hope that in 2013 I wont have to do any of this and can get a ticket without the application. If I get approved this year AWESOME, if not on to the next.

And let's be honest. I know people who go on a low income ticket almost every year (which i think is abuse). They claim to have "no income" or make less than $5,000 a year, but really they just work under the table or get help from other people or are living at home and can do that. But some of us don't have that luxury, and have to work real jobs that get reported to the government crappy though they may be. And if you're not reporting those things on your application this year especially, I'd be interested to see the outcome. They Org isn't stupid.

Its very ironic to me that one of the ten principles is radical self reliance and this message board seems to want to punish those who are doing exactly that in the real world. Personally, I think the program should be a means of helping you make it "home" when times are hard and not a way into the event every year. I assume most would agree with that, but I could be wrong.

I sincerely hope most who applied get approved regaurdless of the varying scales of financial hardship. Anyone who was willing to sit down and fill that monster out with all their hearts deserves at least a cookie. If you think you need it and aren't applying because the lottery didn't work and the open sale was closed, then more power to ya!
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Re: What constitutes "low income"? (talk amongst yourselves

Postby Galaxo Magic » Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:25 pm

Sorry KrisMuffin, I must have come in late to the conversation. I live in California and it rivals any east coast area for Cost of Living. But I can get a ride to BRC, so I have no real travel expenses.
Good Luck, hope you make it home!
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Re: What constitutes "low income"? (talk amongst yourselves

Postby Marscrumbs » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:34 am

I understand Mrs. Romeny doesn't think of her self as rich.
One can be rich in currency but poor in ticket.
Besides as the playa is cash free why does it matter.
As I burn all year.
Where is my mirage ticket?
Can I volunteer as a porta potty untouchable and get paid to go?
At least could the BORG mail me a fireball?
I haven't had one to eat all year.

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