Ticket in Hand - Lemon Head

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Ticket in Hand - Lemon Head

Post by dirtstu » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:54 am

Got my ticket today in the mail I live near Los Angeles.
As usual I pop the enclosed Fireball candy in my mouth to celebrate....that was until last year when I broke a crown being stupid and trying to break the candy.
This year I got a soft Lemon Head candy....they are soft...chewy good time! I do not give Head but it is always great to receive head...even Lemon Head.

Hope all those burners waiting to get tickets get rewarded.
See you on the playa.
For what it's worth mine is a $240 ticket...is it possible they are shipping tickets out based on the low price level first...or maybe order of lottery winning...who knows.

Harry Nutz
Camp Spank of America


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