Voided Tickets

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Voided Tickets

Post by bigbloo » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:25 pm

Why are what looks to be almost all tickets being sold on Ebay being voided? Most are for sale at face value or less...NOT being scalped. The voided ticket list is growing like crazy. Are random tickets just being voided due to sour grapes? People submitting random numbers? A friend just had his first tier tickets voided. They were never for sale or transfer...and there was never an intention to do so, yet they showed up on the voided ticket list. How is a burner that couldn't go earlier in the year, but can now, supposed to be able to get to the Burn? People just want to go home and are being told by BMORG that they can't. It is not the buyer that should be punished...the voided ticket is still being sold and the seller is making his money...it is the buyer that is being hurt.

These are real questions...anybody have any answers?


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Re: Voided Tickets

Post by gyre » Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:11 pm

No idea about your friend, and I can't speak for the llc, but I am guessing that many ebay tickets were once offered at a price above face.
How do you know which ones are below face?
Most won't specify or show the tickets.

It is possible, and I suspect likely, that anyone scalping could have every ticket they purchased voided.

If you purchased a voided ticket, get a refund from the seller.


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