Raise the Rainbow!!

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Jilly Katz
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Raise the Rainbow!!

Post by Jilly Katz » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:40 am

Hey you! Yeah, you. Wanna kick start a playa project? Do you like rainbows? Do you like unicorns? Do you like fucking? Then help us build the Fucking Unicorn Rainbow...a kaleidoscopic mobile art piece with 7000 programmable LEDs, the UniKama Sutra, and a 20 ft aerial rig off the back. PLEEEEEASE donate before April 26th! We can't do it without your help :)

Click here to donate:

Oh...and to learn more about the Fucking Unicorns check out "S#!t F*%king Unicorns Say"

Or read this:

PEACE, LOVE, UNICORNS, AND RAINBOWS!! See you all on the playa!


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